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Damian Murphy
Friday, December 16, 2011 18:06
Collecting post from Keighley
On Thursday I got home to find one of those cards the postman puts through the letterbox, saying that he had a parcel but it was too big. We could collect it from Keighley sorting office the next day. Nothing unusual about that - the parcel was addressed to our eldest son. Nothing unusual about that, either - it is approaching Christmas and there are plenty of relatives.

However. Up until a couple of months ago, you went along to the sorting office, presented ID that confirmed a matching address (not name), and they gave you the parcel. The card said nothing about any change in that.

Friday morning however the woman at the counter said she needed ID for the addressee.

A lady in front of me was told the same thing - and on her pointing out that the addressee was 6 months old, the woman at the counter told her to come back with a birth certificate.

This is insanely customer-hostile. If it is new Post Office policy then people need to know that the Royal Mail can no longer deliver items that won't fit through a letter box, to any address where there is no guarantee that there won't be someone in to receive it.
Joan M. Tindale
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 22:55
Agree - had to go to sorting office for a parcel which had a tiny memory stick inside - it could not be delivered as the stick/parcel was too deep, although it did easily fit through letter box - new postman was quite understandably sticking rigidly to the rules. £3 single fare from Cowling to Keighley on bus, plus quite a walk to sorting office and back from bus station, especially for anyone with walking problems! What is this world coming to?
Jo Horton
Saturday, December 31, 2011 17:52
I have always picked mail up at the Keighley office for my Husband or children and never had a problem. However the woman in the office during the run up to Christmas was a jobs worth ... she firstly was telling the man in front of me that his passport was not proof of identity..... then when I got to the counter and I offered a joint bank book as proof of address and identity (I have used this many times before with no problem) and asked to collect my husband’s parcel she informed me he had to go in person and that she could not give the parcel to me even though I had proof of address and identity of both him and myself. She insisted all mail had to be collected by the addressee and nobody else.
I was annoyed because I had to travel into town to collect it as my husband was at work in Bradford the same hours the office was open so could not physically get there,,,,,, surely this can’t be right.
Paul Wilkinson
Sunday, January 1, 2012 17:24
According to the Redelivery information page on the Royal Mail website...

Can I send somebody else to pick up my item?
Yes, you can send somebody else. They will need to bring the original ‘Something for you’ card and provide proof of your ID.

What proof of ID do I need?

You’ll need to take proof of your identity to the Post Office® or Delivery Office when you collect your item. If someone’s collecting on your behalf, they’ll need to provide proof of your identity. We will accept the following original forms of identification:

Cheque guarantee/credit/debit card
Bank/building society book
Valid passport
Cheque book
Driving licence
Photo Identity Card (Foreign National, Military, Police Warrant, Royal Mail Employee)
Under 18s (National Insurance Card, Medical Card or Savings Book)

If you're needing to collect a parcel it might be worthwhile taking a copy of the Redelivery information page.

There's also a Comment on our staff form at the Royal Mail website.

Jo Horton
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 11:41
Ah yes I sent an email to the Comment on our staff on the Royal Mail website. Not had a reply as yet.
I did infact have the said proof of my Husbands identity... Joint bank book.... and the card they put through the door and yet was told in her words " I can only give mail to the person named on the mail. He must come in person to collect his mail and cannot sent any other person." Tottally unreasonable in my opinion.... I did however get the mail by going with the same idendity later that day and the man who was on duty could not have been nicer... no problem at all ... so they are not all working to the same rules ...
Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 13:11
I imagine she would have been a temp - for the Christmas period. I think if any of get her we should deffinately fight our corner!
Dawn Stebbings
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 09:57
It's a shame they are not as stringent when DELIVERING post in the first place - I am constantly getting mail for someone who has paid to have their mail re-directed elsewhere (several complaints have been made but to no avail!). During the past few weeks on three occassions I have had other peoples' mail which clearly showed a completely different address to mine, and we actually had no mail delivered one weekend in December as there were not enough staff (resulting in a first class card posted in Keighely taking 5 days to be delivered!). I have lost all faith in the post office to deliever my mail safely and on time!

Rant over!!

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