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Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, September 8, 2011 12:01
Enquiry re Constance Elizabeth Bairstow at Springfields

I've received the following enquiry - can anybody help?

I am in the process of researching the history of a house in Great Malvern Worcestershire which was demolished some years ago and where the flats that I live in now stand. As part of this research I am trying to follow up the families of the occupants from the time the building was built. One proved rather elusive – a Mrs C E Bairstow. All records found gave only initials and no indication of what C E stood for.

All my research suggested that it was Constance Elizabeth Hiley who married James Bairstow in 1903 and I have been in contact with members of this family (the husband of a niece, and his son, to be exact). They have kindly sent me a copy of the family tree of the Hiley family and quite a bit of information. However they did not know anything about Connie after James died in 1930, except that ‘she moved around a lot and lived in hotels and died in 1947 in North Wales’ and they too would like to know more. We all felt that it was most likely, but ‘not proven’, that this was Mrs C E Bairstow of St Clare, Priory Road Malvern 1936-1941.

This week I have received entries from the Electoral register for 1935 – 1941 and am now sure that we have made the correct connections as Constance Elizabeth Bairstow is entered for the dates mentioned as well as a Mary Garvie. On the 1911 census Mary Garvie aged 33 is recorded as Cook at Springfields.

In order to get an idea of the background of the occupants of St Clare I have been very interested in the forum entries on your website, particularly those of Peter Turnbull, 10 April 2006 which gives so much detail of the Bairstow family. I was also interested to see the picture of Springfields – a rather grander affair than St Clare I feel which, although it was not a small house, was in much more modest surroundings.

I know this is likely to be a long shot, but I wondered if there was anyone in Sutton who had any memories of Connie Bairstow during the time that she lived at Springfields or knows anything about her? It seems that when James died she left Yorkshire and moved first to Shelton Hall, Shrewsbury where she is recorded 1931-1935 and then to St Clare, Great Malvern. Where she went after that is not known at the moment. I would be interested to hear from anyone with any information.

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