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David Laycock
Saturday, August 13, 2011 03:18
Comments whilst checking the Newsletter.
I hadn't read the latest edition for some reason or other and a couple of articles caught my eye:-
I was sorry to see the article re the closing of the local allotment show. My last contribution to show was as usual to help my Dad pick his prize winning Bramleys from the tree in the allotment across from 10 Crag View (whch I noticed is for sale!) now Croft Close. I left UK in Aug 66 and the year before, Dad as usual got me to climb up the tree and pick his selection of apples. As usual the best were always on the outer branches and as he'd say "That one, no, that's a better one further out" this year I got too far out and the branch gave way throwing me to the ground with the result of breaking both wrists! Not that that was bad enough but were to start football training for Bradley and I was Goalkeeper!!! So my memories were both happy down at the show, but saddened by my final participation. I do remember him saying he had enough apples with the ones that came down lower so he could pick what he wanted to win!
My second comment was to congratulate the local fotball club on their success. achievments

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