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Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 02:35
Sutton Park
I have a calendar for 1993 which was printed as a fund raiser for Sutton-in-Craven County Primary School – it is headed ‘Old Scenes of Sutton in Craven. There are 12 interesting photos of the village places and people. 8 of the photos are included in the Glyn Whiteoak collection.

One that could still be of special interest to villagers of today is the Scouts leading a procession down High Street for the opening of Sutton Park on 20th July 1912. This photo is also in the Glyn Whiteoak collection though it doesn’t have a date.

As this website is doing a count-down to Funday for this year it set me off wondering if there are any plans afoot for celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the park next year.

There must be many many 'park' memories to go hand in hand with today's activities.
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 02:40
mmmm - the photos are..:-
Cover – Foundation Stone for Parish Hall – also Glyn Whiteoak collection.
January – Sutton Clough-before it was given to the village by Mr Turner mid 1930’s
February - Sutton Hall - also Glyn Whiteoak collection
March – Interior view of Sutton Hall - also Glyn Whiteoak collection
April – Mill Street Institute on left and Co-op stores on right with villagers
May – Sutton Church, no clock, park or Lund Tower - Glyn Whiteoak collection No.2
June – Sutton Girl Guides circa 1914 - also Glyn Whiteoak collection
July – Town Gate top of High St. circa 1900
August – Paddlers below Home Bridge. - also Glyn Whiteoak collection
September – Sutton Cubs taken about 1908
October – Bairstows Mill - also Glyn Whiteoak collection – No.8
November – Roving and Drawing, T & M Bairstows with Mr J Harrison, overlooker
December – High Street, procession for Park opening - also Glyn Whiteoak collection

Possibly someone has originals of the photos not already included in the Glyn Whiteoak collection that would be a better reproduction than I could give from the calendar.

Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 08:35
Hi Brenda, the Parish Council is planning events to celebrate the centenary of the park in July 2012.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 11:53
Hi Brenda, there are quite a few more photos of Sutton park through the years already featured in the gallery. Many of them have been scanned from good quality original postcards. I have 9 old original postcards of the park including the procession for the opening of Sutton Park on 20th July 1912 you refer to in the calendar.

It would be nice to have some sort of centennial 'Sutton Park' book published containing 100 years worth of park photos.......maybe even 100 photos of the park old and new. Like the calendar for 1993, it could be printed as a fund raiser for the park pavilion or some other worthy cause for the village.

I'd have a crack at it myself but I'm 91 park photos short, live 12,000 miles away and not sure how to go about publishing such a book! That said if anyone has any ideas, holler out, it might just happen!

I'd forgotten it is the 100th anniversary of the opening of Sutton park next year. Quite a milestone really.

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