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Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Thursday, May 5, 2011 05:52
Band of Hope
I look at the website most mornings to check for something that has been added recently or to troll the site looking at the photos and items placed by Suttoners at home or abroad.
Yesterday a couple of good photos show Thompsonís Wood Turners (the peg and lag shop). Added last week were memoirs of Peter Wilcock and 4 pages (16-20) of those interesting memories talked about Walter Thompson, his Band of Hope meetings and of the Baptist Sunday School Ė the whole thing is well worth a read and will jog the memory banks.
The Sunday School and Chapel were strongly supported in those days. I and other contributors to this website attended the Sunday School and Band of Hope meetings. He might not approve of me now but I am sure Walter Thompson would be proud of the fact that celebrations are ongoing for the 300th anniversary of the Baptist Church he loved and worked tirelessly for.
The organisers are not fully known to me but some that are, also attended these Band of Hope meetings, the likes of Peter Barsby for starters. (he is also mentioned in Peter Wilcockís memories for mildly nefarious reasons). Peter and Rita and Betty Mitchell were fellow members of the Sunday School, church, choir, Rec Club and the YPF and are now actively involved in the anniversary organisation, Rita also provides the website with information about the activities. And there my knowledge ends!

Sadly,I donít see much input from other Suttoners about the various activities, does this mean the locals are not supporting them? I sincerely hope that isnít the case. I note that 14th May is a celebration of young people with the Pendle Youth and Childrens Choir.. No it isnít the Band of Hope revisited !! But, it is bringing children into the community for enjoyment. The organising group seems to be trying hard to involve all age groups and vary the celebrations to suit.
I donít mean to play down the efforts of others who are involved but I donít know the names. I do wish you all well though and wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I guess that is the reason I am a bit hungry for news of how it is going. I do have the calendar though with paintings/photos by local folks and, some of them were Band of Hopers!
David Laycock
Friday, May 6, 2011 01:06
Hi Brenda.
You are correct, things have gone a little quiet on the web. Tell them it's us that are heading to winter and not glorious spring/summer!
Re Band of Hope: A lot of us went because we would see a film and get some "present"? Also was the badminton club connected to this? Did you see that list of YPF members?
We are hoping to get across in Oct. but it will decide on my ankle clearing up. Just got back from 3 weeks stay for a wound maintenance op. (No 6)! Had an achilles op in Oct. and it got infected during the op! I spent 4 weeks (Nov.-Dec.). So hope this time we have a winner!!!!!?
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Friday, May 6, 2011 02:24
Hi David - hope things are definitely/finally looking up for you after all this time.
Badminton club - part of what was originally the Rec Club I think..did you ever take part in the mad mad relay table tennis that we used to do at the Rec club when things were a bit quiet? Or was it because there were so many of us that waiting for a table and it was taking far too long - the latter I think - it involved a lot of charging around getting in one another's way but good fun.
I saw the YPF list, surprised no-one knew where I was as any of my family would have known - did you get along to the reunion? I think Alan P has some photos.
I hope you manage to get over in October - I did have hopes of getting there this year but it is not looking at all likely - sadly. My sister Eileen is due out this way in Oct, her first trip - she would be your era I think?

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