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Derek Bowers
Sutton in Craven
Saturday, March 5, 2011 17:56
dog lovers
will you dog lovers stop picking up your dogs poo........................................then putting it in doggy bags and useing them to dress up the trees and footpaths with coloured trimmings,who do you then expect to pick them up the birds? please do the right thing bag and bin,or take it home.
Judith Fuller
Monday, March 7, 2011 06:20
I have noticed a LOT of coloured bags hanging in trees, tucked in stone walls, thrown in corners.. disgusting !!!! and seems to be a lot more just left on the street not even been picked up !!!! I have watched dog owners let them do this and walk away without picking up but what can you do, you will just get abuse of you ask them to deal with it ! Put dog wardens patrolling the street like they used too .. or enrol people to walk and watch and if necessary take photographs while in action . I would walk and watch if it would help for sure.
Andrew Monkhouse
Hanoi, Vietnam
Monday, March 7, 2011 17:18
Ok, so let me see if Iíve got this right. Doggy owners are going to the effort of scooping up the defecated material, placing it into designated council coloured poopy bags and then hanging these bags onto low hanging branches of trees and in crevices of stone walls?

Judith Fuller
Friday, March 11, 2011 17:13
Well... I don't know if they are PURPOSELY hanging these bags on trees but I have seen them hanging in trees beside the beck, stuffed in crevices of the stone walls and even on the street... disgusting..... IF ONLY THESE PEOPLE COULD BE CAUGHT !! but then what would happen... a 'telling off' and then. get on your way .. not good enough !!

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