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Shirley de Sonnaville
Bella Vista Arkansas USA
Friday, January 28, 2011 19:56
Glen Whiteoak collection
Yesterday I took a detailed look at the Glen Whiteoak collection and enlarged the picture of the scout troop, it was wonderful to see my Father Hubert Ellison,( I knew he was involved with the boy scouts) also his brother my Uncle Reggie, and also my uncle Harry Saville, he married my Fathers sister Edith, It was so wonderful to see and I send a big thank you to whoever submitted these, it means a lot to me. Shirley de Sonnaville, USA
Rachel Simpson
Sutoon in Craven
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 16:56
Hi Shirley,

I am so glad you like the pictures they were my Dad's, he would have liked the fact people appreciated them


Robin Longbottom
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 19:18
Hello Shirley

You may be intersted in the article just entered onto the History section - Old Sutton Warriors. I remember your uncle, Reg, very well and used to visit him in Rosewood Square with Fred Pye, who lived across. When I was old enough to have a pint I used to sit with Reg and Tom Lister in the King's Arms and coax tales out of them. I was also very fond of their sister Maud who delivered firewood for Marklews. Mary Wilson, who lived next door to us, took great care of her and they used to go to bingo together. During the Summer I supplied Maud with tomatos from our greenhouse at Rose Cottage. I was very touched when I was ill in hospital following a car accident to receive a large bunch of grapes from Maud. As a boy charging around with a tin helmet on and a gun she had shouted at me, " Don't be like those silly beggars of mine and get yourself into any wars".

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