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Natalie Thackray
Wednesday, January 17, 2007 19:32
Family History - 'Pullan'
I am currently researching my family history and I am interested to know if anyone has any information regarding the Pullan family? I have already done quite a lot of research and know of Christopher and Hannah Pullan (both buried in St Thomas's) who moved to the village during the 1890's they had several children one of whom was Ben Pullan (born 1880) who I believe was a councillor and once worked as a wool buyer for Hartleys Mill. I have details on Edgar Pullan, Bens younger brother, who died in WW1. Names of other Pullans I would like information on are Ellen and Annie Elizabeth Pullan (born 1870's) - I do not know their married names. Does anyone know anything about any of them or is anyone a living relative? Any information would be grately appreciated. Thank you

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