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Phil Corp
Sunday, November 28, 2010 19:19
Rowan Garth Lights
As a result of various enquiries, Rowan Garth, Sutton will be having a 'switch -on' of their Christmas lights at 6.30 on December 5th.
For a variety of reasons, it will be more low-key than in previous years. There won't be a band or refreshments but all are welcome to enjoy what there is.
There wil be a donations box for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and we will be pleased to see you over the festive season.
David Laycock
Sunday, November 28, 2010 20:30
Hi Phil, Good luck with the lights etc. Do you have any problems with using Christmas terms, singing carols etc over there, in case it might upsett some minority groups?
Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Monday, November 29, 2010 15:42
...just to mention we also have a few lights up on Meadow Lee as well (next left turn up the road).
Phil Corp
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 10:42
Many of us are having difficulty putting up the lights this year due to the weather conditions. Therefore it is unlikely that we will have an official 'switch-on' on the 5th. Instead the lights will go up as and when the weather permits. Hopefully by the middle of December we all be up and running. Sorry about that - we can't control everything yet!!

David - we never have had problems with celebrating Christmas on this street. The local Indian takeaway delivery people think it's great! To quote one of my ex-students:" We're not going to miss out on a party!"
In Bradford, where there is one of the highest proportions of ethic minorities, the council put up lights for Divali, Eid & Hannukah as well as Christmas. Long may it continue.
David Laycock
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 21:18
Hi Phil, Not much we can do for you about the weather here in Aus. We are having our problems here. We have had a long period of drought in Victoria and water storage was down to mid 20%, but lately we have had good rains and storage is back to mid 50%! Now the bumper grain harvest is in danger of going off due to the late spring wet!!!!
Can't win eh?
Phil It certainly wasn't the Indian community I was refering to.
Over here in Victoria, we have had for the last few years, too much of this political correctness in schools, kindys etc. not having Christmas carols, decorations, parties, etc. Even some of the councils were not putting up decorations for fear of ''upsetting'' some minority groups! However on Sat. we had a state election here in Victoria, and labor were defeated. One of the first things the new Premier said was, that all schools, kindys etc should celebrate Christmas as we know it. I feel happy to have voted for them, 1st time I have not voted Labor! So have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. When you get your lights up, send Paul a photo so the Ex Pats can see the results of your efforts. By the way we had snow on the hills a few weeks ago!!
Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Monday, December 6, 2010 15:46
Just wondered when the switch on is? Im only asking as there were a group of people at the end of the street this weekend saying '...well they are usually on by now...'

Is it wise to put up a small notice?
Phil Corp
Monday, December 6, 2010 18:23
As I said previously in the first message, it was always going to be more low-key this year, for several reasons which I don't want to go into on the forum. We did try and put up some lights but we were not to complete our objective because of the weather. It is not safe to be up ladders adding 'icicles' to the roof in the snow and ice we've been having. Unfortunately the publicity notices went to the newspapers before we realised we were not going to complete.
We did try and put a notice at the bottom of the street but the ground was so frozen we couldn't get it in! Instead we did put a notice in the official notice board at the junction of Manse Way and Holme Lane.
In the end we did have a switch-on of sorts at 6.30 and even managed some piped Christmas Carols for the occasion. I know it wasn't quite the usual standard but there's some things that even Rowan Garth can't control!!
There's a thaw coming at the end of the week so hopefully there'll be more lights up by the weekend.
Many thanks to those who braved the elements to put up the lights and even more thanks to those who came along for the opening.
Please come back for another look later.
Phil Corp
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 08:46
After a delayed start, the Rowan Garth Christmas lights are now up and running!. A little bit of brightness to cheer up the dark nights. Do come along and bring your children, grandchildren, grannies, friends etc. They are on from about 5.00 to 10.00 each evening until the New Year.
Merry Christmas from Rowan Garth!

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