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David Kidd
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 04:09
Viking names in Sutton in 1086 AD
From I got a photo of folio 301v of the Great Domesday Book, which lists the Viking landowners of the Craven region in 1086. It comes with a translation by Editions Alecto Limited, who claim to have translated the Norman spelling of the peoples names back into Danish spelling. But examining the photo closely I find they didn't read the original correctly.
The book says "In Lacoc, Ravensvard .... In Situun, Ravenchil"
But they say "In Laycock, Hrafnsvartr .... In Sutton, Ramkel"
Where did they get 'Ram...' from when it was written Raven...?
The manuscript clearly shows that 'Raven...' is written identically on these adjascent lines, so should be Hrafnskel.
Is there some other evidence of their names that proves the Norman scribes wrote it wrong and that our ancestor really was called Ramkel? Or are Editions Alecto just totally careless? It's important to all of us!
Where can I read this matter discussed by experts?

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