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Denis Marshall Pickles
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 08:36
"Elegant Sutton-in-Craven"
Did anyone else spot the reference to Sutton-in-Craven on the front page of the Daily Telegraph last Saturday? It's contained in a report by Jim White who was present in Cape Town to witness the pathetic display by the England Soccer team against Algeria. He paints a non too flattering picture of the England fans stationed outside Mitchells Brewery just 'a stagger, totter and a splash from the quayside' where their flags were displayed.

"The flags name-checked places evocative of solid, yeoman middle England. A group of lads stood around decked out in full Crusader costume. Where had they come from? From, as the names suggested, Chelmsford, Chinnor, or Cheltenham? Or was it from the elegant sounding SUTTON-IN-CRAVEN?"
"No we come from Jo'burg", said one who sounded about as English as Kevin Pieterson. We flew down today!"

I couldn't help wondering whether the owner of the Sutton-in-Craven flag actually does have local connections. We have plenty of contributors from Australia but I can't recall reading anything from a Sutton exile living in South Africa. Anyway, now you know, Sutton is 'Elegant'.... or at least it sounds elegant!

Barbara Chapman
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:57
Hi Dennis, Yes I saw the artical and showed Allen. Most surprised to see Sutton-in-Craven mentioned in a National Newspaper. Who was the reporter we wondered. Jim White ? any relation of a Baptist Minister of years ago, we wonder, to have had connections with Sutton? Does anyone know. We know Sutton is elegant anyway !

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