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Sue Morgan
Kings Arms
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 13:28
Parkas and Leathers day
A big thank you to Steve Emmett for organising the above event last Sunday. For anyone who missed it , it was an amazing sight to see hundreds of scooters and bikes cruise through our village. From the scooter club that Steve is in, the idea was formed do a run for charity and intergrate themselves with bike clubs as well. ( Surely this would never have been possible in the 60s!!!! )
After a blessing by Michael, our Vicar, they rode up and past us at the Kings Arms, round North Road, down Ash Grove, through to Skipton, and back to Sutton.
All the money raised is going to Manorlands.
You also helped us publicans somewhat too Steve.....cheers dude!! The weather was lovely and hot and so nice to see villagers out and about enjoyimg themselves.......and not a bit of bother!
Thanks again Steve......whatever you raise is going to a truly wonderful charity
Steve Emmett
Sutton Bulls Scooter Club
Friday, May 28, 2010 13:13

Firstly i would like to thank Sue for her kind words, it was a very difficult task organising the event in such a short period, but it makes it all worth it when people appreciate it.
Now i would like to thank everybody who actually made the day happen. Organising is one thing, but the team work that went on that day and the hard work that every body involved put in was amazing. I take my hat off to all of you and you know who you are. It was one of the busiest days sutton has seen for a long time and it went like a dream, not a sign of any trouble and everybody that i saw was very happy.
I would like to say a few special thankyou's, to the Parish Council for allowing us to use the park for the parking and bouncy castles, Mark (Parky) for his help in organising the areas, The North Yorkshire Police, especially Dave Foyston and the Crosshills team and Skipton team for their help in the preperation of the day and during the day. My mate Michael Cowgill R Vicar for an amazing entrance and the blessing of the ride out, brilliant. Sue and Steve Morgan, Les and Sue Steadman and all their staff the day would have died without them.All the money collectors, all the Marshalls, big thanks to Martin and Fluff from the Sewer Rats, what a team.
Thanks to James with the Bouncy Castles, and hats off to Big Chris AKA (Jabber Jaws) and Sherl and staff for their fantastic buffalo burgers and hard work, Chris is also our top donator at 250 well done mate.
I would like to thank our other donators who were
LS Prints KLY
Intergrated Results Skipton
Sign and Design KLY
And last but not least all the Villagers for making all the people welcome and showing them that Sutton in Craven is the best Village in England.


Michael Cowgill
St Thomas Church
Saturday, May 29, 2010 16:56
Just wanted also to say a BIG thankyou to Steve and his supporters for organising last Sunday - and thanks to the riders who took part and gave us a fantastic spectacle. I was glad to bless the bikers at the start - though I don't think anyone heard me over the noise of the bikes. Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday when the Church remembered the coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples - with a mighty roar and flames. I reckon the Spirit was certainly with us all last Sunday - we certainly had a mighty roar. Well done to everyone involved - and God gave us brilliant weather. (Let's hope and pray the Fun Day is as sunny!).
The Vicar
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 08:30
Thanks for the photos Steve, I've set up a page in the gallery.
Steve Emmett
Sutton Bulls Scooter Club
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 09:56
Thanks Paul

Hope all enjoy them, will get the money raised total this week and put it on the site.


Stephen Bielby
Sutton in Craven
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 12:21
I concurr what a great day! One I am sure my five year old will remember for years to come.
It was also nice to meet you at last Sue - as well as sampling some of your liquid hospitality! :)

Mr Bilbs
Sue Morgan
Kings Arms
Thursday, June 3, 2010 14:30
Good to put a face to a name too Mr Bilbs.....come and see us again soon. Maybe Fun Day.... xx

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