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Alan Pickles
Sunday, April 18, 2010 18:28
Choir photos.
Brenda has done an excellent job in naming many of those in the photos, but she must have got tired towards the end.
Reference the photo with the horse in the background.
The lady at the back of the picture in front of Betty Monkhouse was called Florence ? Barrett.. The one standing in the dark jacket behind Frank Barrett is Renee Robinson. Behind Mrs Garnett's left shoulder on the back row without a hat is Edith Roberts. The trio on the end are Ronnie Smith, Mr. Roberts and Leonard Barrett.
Move then to the last photo in the bunch,
We have two Barbara Dawsons. The dark haired young lady towards the front of the photo is NOT Barbara Dawson. Sorry but I cannot remember her name. Florence also appears on this photo.
Hope that this does not cause too much confusion.Once again if I am incorrect then no doubt we shall hear.
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Monday, April 19, 2010 00:53
Hi Alan and Paul
Once again your 'coppers' memory is holding up Alan. Thanks for the additions of quite a few names and correction on the two Barbara Dawson - you are of course correct the lady on the front row isn't Barbara Dawson.
I note that Freda Bates - nee Barrett is also offering some names as she is the daughter and niece of the Barrett family she will be able to fill a few gaps too.
thanks guys
Howard Barrett
Monday, April 19, 2010 21:36
I am Howard Barrett, husband of Christine (nee Hardaker) and elder son of the late George and Muriel Barrett of Crosshills. George was the brother of Brian, Leonard, Clifford and Edith, three of whom feature in the photographs. Their family home was what is now the Bella Napoli restaurant in Crosshills, formerly a decorators shop and home to the decorating business founded by my Grandad, Fred Barrett. The decorating business has stayed in Clifford's branch of the family and is now four generations old. You might see the "F Barrett, Decorators" van around the village.

Reference the first photo (handbag):-
The other Howard Barrett is between Charlie Mothersole and Jim Monkhouse.
Right of Ronnie Smith is Leonard Barrett, Olstead Batterbee, Gordon Laycock and George Barrett (my Dad), not Brian.
It's Edith Robertson, not Roberts, then Sarah Monkhouse and Edith Barrett in the horn-rimmed glasses. I don't recognise the lady next to Muriel Lowe as Edith Sugden, but I was only 7 at the time. I don't know her name.
Mrs Garnet was called Janie and Mrs Scowcroft was called Mary. She was the sister of John Stanley Bell.
The lady in the middle was Mary-Anne Overend. The bag is probably significant in that I believe she had just been presented with it as a long-service award.

Second photo (outside the Lake District pub):-
Brian Barrett is probably the person looking sideways, behind George Barrett.
Right of Frank Barrett is the other Howard Barrett and Edith Barrett. I don't know the man smoking a pipe at the end.

Third photo (horse):-
The other Howard Barrett is next to Betty Monkhouse at the back.
Next to Charlie Mothersole is Francis Barrett, wife of Howard and sister of the late Dr Norman Davy, aforementioned many times on this site. Francis is probably the person named as Florence in this and other photos.
Next to Janie Garnet on the second row, is the handbag lady, Mary-Anne Overend, with a pontefract cake on her head!
Just to the right of Janie Garnet's head is Edith Robertson.
The three men to the right of Mary-Anne are Ronnie Smith, I think Dan Robertson, husband of Edith, with Leonard Barrett at the end.
George Barrett is at the LH end of the front row. Next to Frank Barrett is Brian Barrett, with his head turned sideways.

Fourth photo (raincoat mannequins):-
Behind Arthur Driver is George Barrett. Leonard Barrett is the rightmost man. He was said to have suffered more than anyone on the boat journey and this photo is perhaps proof!

Sixth photo (beach):-
Edith Barrett is second one in on the back row. Howard Barrett is next to Jim Monkhouse.
Francis Barrett is next to Muriel Lowe on the second row.
George Barrett is sat cross-legged and Brian is laying down.

Hope this helps. Like others, I stand correcting.
Alan Pickles
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 17:49
Thanks. I hoped, nay. knew that someone would jump on the bandwagon and name many more of those that were not named by Brenda. The Edith Sugden is Janet and Philip Sugden,s mother. Widow of the late John. She still lives in Sutton.
Thanks for the correction re Francis, I knew it began with F. She came to live in Crosshills having sold their shop in Colne to my uncle and aunt. I remember her being quite a powerful personality and shaking the choir up.
Well done.
Howard Barrett
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 19:30
I spoke with Betty Mitchell (nee Monkhouse). If the lady whose head is between my Dad (George Barrett) and Muriel Lowe on the "handbag" photograph is the one that you believe to be Edith Sugden, Betty believes it to be a Mrs Dinsdale, first name not known, who she believes didn't stay in the choir for long.

The tall man smoking a pipe, rightmost in the photo outside the Lakeland pub is Oswald Brierley, former butcher in Crosshills main St.

Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Friday, April 23, 2010 06:55
Hi Howard
Thanks for the names - I knew I would get the Barrett brother's names mixed up - so a big thank you for putting it right and a bigger thank you for all the additions. You know once someone puts the correct names there it makes me wonder why I got it wrong in the first place as they then become very familiar. Betty Mitchell would have a better handle on them all than I but even so I just cant comment on Sugden versus Dinsdale.

Alan Pickles
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 19:16
I hold my hand up and bow to superior knowledge. I have shown the choir photo to Janet Sugden and she is certain that her mother never sang with the Chapel choir. Sorry.
Paul, I am having problems contacting the webmaster to add to names in the gallery. Any suggestions.
The latest photo re Y.P.F. Whit walks. The girls are Linda Smith. Christine Briggs. and Joan Barrett. Please will you amend the photos in question.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 08:12
Thanks for the comments, Brenda has collated all the names and I've updated the page in the gallery.
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Thursday, June 17, 2010 07:05
Hi Rita, great to see your name pop up, thanks for adding more photos from that memorable era. You have introduced yet some more faces with the Lakes photos -

I recognise Michael Garnett on the front row of the 'lupin' picture previously there has only been his mother on the photos.

Do you remember the name of the person on your left on that photo - she is on most of them and I sorta feel she is Joan ??

Also, do you remember who it is between Joan Barrett and Barbara Dawson on the first Lakes photo?

There are quite a few gaps as far as names go so any you can add will be gratefully received. I believe it is the Chapel's 300 year anniversary next year so hopefully there will be even more trips down memory lane between now and then.

It must be an 'age' thing, this thirst for photos and memory jogs but we had such great times didnt we?

Rita Chadwick nee Overend
Bramhall Cheshire
Friday, June 18, 2010 09:57
Hello Brenda
I had contact with Bruce your brother last year. The name you want is Joan Taylor. She was my best friend.The other girl I think is is ___- Parkin!!! Mrs Garnett taught the 3 of us to sing together for concerts.
Do you have any pictures of the 6 dancers, you, me, Joan, Maureen, Audrey and Margaret? If I remember correctly you were the one who planned the dances and we all made the dresses.
Happy memories Rita
Brenda Whitaker was Grime
Queensland Australia
Monday, June 21, 2010 06:58
Hi again Rita.
I remember the dances well - we had calf length tulle ballet dresses and yes the moves were mainly mine, aided and abetted by Audrey. It was a memorable concert for me because it was the one and only time my dad was persuaded to go to a concert at the Sunday School. - But, sadly I don't have any photos, maybe either Audrey or Maureen McWhinney could have because I am sure there were some. I cant remember who the 6th person will probably come to me in the middle of the night one of these days. You are right - happy memories.

I recently visited my youngest son and went through all the old photos he has but didn't unearth many. I gave them all to my two sons years ago when I didn't realise I would want to look at them again.

Bruce is in Sydney and he was here visiting us a couple of weeks ago,- I will remind him to log on to the site again.

I wonder if anyone has photos of the 'Rec Club' where we all met and played relay table tennis, proper table tennis and badminton etc etc

When Alan Pickles gets home from his holiday he may have.

good to hear from you ...and yes - Happy Memories

Alan Pickles
Thursday, June 24, 2010 17:41
Hello from the sunny island of Ibiza,
Sorry to have to tell you that ALL the photos of the Recreation club events that I had went down to Cambridgeshire with Mum when she went to live with Denis. If we ask him Im sure that he will come up with some more.

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