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Bruce Walker
Monday, February 1, 2010 07:36
Sue Morgan, Re:-Uncle Joe!
Hello Sue,

Thanks for keeping Uncle Joe (The sutton beer drain) safe tucked away inside the Kings Arms. I hear he has progressed from "General" barfly to "Major" barfly and persistant menace with a bar prop "Star of Merit" also to his name! Please pass on my regards to the foisty old goat when next you see him. If you wish to jab him further please feel free to include such words as fat, grey or even old jumbled into a sentence, of course adding my name. You will get a polite message in reply to send back to me!

What of Little Brian? my old training partner, the mighty atom I recall him as. Does he still call in? He surely would be an "Imperial" Barfly by now. I surely thought baldness would have overwhelmed him by now. I really would love a Little Brian hair report Sue.....he he!

How is the darts n doms going this Winter? Are all three pubs involved? Gee the Monday nites were so much fun, the Tuesday mornings were tough to deal with. Alcohol infestation was the cause of many a Tuesdayitus.

Can you still remember the humble team we started with years ago, God we were crap but did we know how to have a good laugh at ourselves. Old Walter (bless his soul) could put anyone off there double by snorting and rattling the change in his pocket at the critical moment, purely by accident of course!. Ian Foster, he would want 13 to finish and then spend 5 mins looking for double 6 and a 1/2 he he! Never forget the disposables! they were usually the "not so good" players (Which was the bulk of the team) that were thrown up against the oppositions best players. That left players like Mick Thompson and myself to try and salvage the situation against the oppositions disposables he he. Oh if your wondering Sue, Steve Morgan was a member of the Kings Arms disposables he he!

Then came along Gary Thompson and the White bros and fortunes certainly changed. Do any of them still play?

How are price rises affecting the Sutton pub culture? Are more and more people drinking at home? I'm just tucking into a nice glass of Jacobs Creek Merlot at the moment here in sunny Victoria, having just eaten a Whole pan fried Snapper (fish) to myself! it was deeelicious!! Edith ate the other one! When we go out here we usually eat out or socialise at friends houses rather than pubs. Would love to hear back from you Sue! or anyone else for that matter!!

P.S Uncle Joe likes to throw a mean, wobbly dart but definately a Disposable!


Sue Morgan
Kings Arms
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 16:40
Hi Bruce.....sorry i'm long in replying....son has the lap top when he's home!!!! Yep...i'm still looking after Uncle Joe...thank goodness that some things never change.....he certasinly hasn't but we wouldn't swap him for the world. He has the biggest heart....he loves bringing Nathan down. He's a grand polite and TALL!!!!. Little Brain is still coming in...hard to believe but he will be 70 this month. He is fit and well....looks just the same. Yes, we still have darts ad doms on a Monday. Two teams we have now....only pub in the league that has. Over the years we have accrued trophys....woo hoo. I go with the A team and Steve with the B team. Trevor and Mick White are still with us in the A team, though Garry Thompson has moved on and plays for a pub in Silsden. He was down in Lakeside a month ago for the World through to the semi finals. The league ( through Steve ) now has a trophy for the highest check out.....the Walter Calvert Trophy .......his memory lives on. We also have the Terry Cryer cup which is played for by the winners in Doms of Div 1 and Div 2. When Rachel Cryer was down at the Bull, her and Steve got together and got a trophy in memory of Terry, though it can only be played here at the Kings. Trying to answer all the questions.....Only us and the Bay Horse in the League.

We also do a Xmas Knockout which we are running now...every Sunday for 6 weeks and play darts, doms and pool...good fun and helps the lean Winter months.

We keep going Bruce, but pubs aren't what they were....too cheap booze in the supermarkets....the smoking ban didn't help either. So maddening that they never gave any pub the option. We don't even do food.. And you should see all the non smokers who said they would go in pubs when the ban came in, flock in by the dozen.....not a one!!!!! Hey ho as they the booze dear in Oz?????

Other than that the village goes on....getting hoo...but it's happening everywhere. On a sad note Lenny Dewhirst died last week.

Good to catch up...i'll keep you up to date when i can with the Sue xxxx

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