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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 07:32
Footpath - well done NYCC!
It's great to see the results of the footpath improvements along the beck side (Gatering lane, I think that,s how it's spelt!).

But it was finished on Friday and now Tuesday morning there's at least 6 piles of dog foul, and in 2 places the wall has been damaged and soil pushed onto the path. I replaced a couple of large stones back into the wall this morning.

Firstly obviously by young thugs as they've left their beer cans on the bank above the path and secondly at the Bay Horse end. If the Landlord treats this piece of land as part of his childrens playground then the least he can do is maintain it now the council have tidied it up. Children play on this unsupervised whilst their parents enjoy a drink, I'm sure health and safety dept. would'nt be too keen ! Don't get me wrong kids should climb trees I used to!

The land between the path and the Car park is not registered as owned by anyone I have checked with Craven Council, so does that mean the parish council is responsible for it?

Suggestion for the dog fouling - lots of parents walk their children to the Church school via this path, how about the parish council asking the kids to design a poster warning people not to allow their dogs to foul this path? It may touch a spot with the guilty parties?

Lets try to keep this part of Sutton tidy now, I also noticed this path was used so much more over the weekend now it's clean and tidy lets keep it that way.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 19:00
Catching the culprits and giving them a hefty fine would be more effective. It's completely selfish and irresponsible to not pick up your dogs dirt. At the top of Harper Grove they let their dogs foul on the green where children play. I don't understand how people can think this is acceptable.

This is a lovely village, lets look after it.
Sunday, April 26, 2009 20:59
my window overlooks this lane and it is late at night the dog walkers let their dogs foul the footpaths, i have personally watched people letting their dogs foul then just walk away. people don't seem to care.

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