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Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, April 16, 2009 20:55
Development on greenfield land in Cowling
The outcome of this proposed development in Cowling could set a precedent for us all. If you can get along to the meeting, details below, then please do so and make your feelings known!

From the Cowlingweb site:

Affordable Housing Public Meeting 20th April at Cowling Village Hall.

This will be the second meeting that Cowling Parish Council have arranged for villagers to attend regarding Affordable Housing in the village.

The meeting starts at 7.00pm at the Village Hall, Park Road and anyone is welcome to attend.

Representatives from Skipton Properties (the land owners), Firebird Homes (the developers), Manningham Housing Association (the parent company of the developers) and Craven District Council have been invited to attend the meeting.

This is your change to find out more about the proposed planned development and also have your say about what you think the village needs regarding affordable housing.
Saturday, April 18, 2009 18:03
Looks like I might be going to meet you at last Paul?
Glusburn (ex Suttoner)
Sunday, April 19, 2009 07:32
just a thought
Manningham housing association are based in the bradford met council district.
i wonder if they have been refused by them regarding building new developments in the bradford met area
and now they are wanting to develop in craven district councils area?
also does anyone know what other land skipton properties own , which has not been developed on yet
see you at the meeting monday night
Glusburn (ex Suttoner)
Sunday, April 19, 2009 18:47

webmaster i have put a link above for the developers who are behind the proposed development in cowling
will let people make up their own minds after reading the info
Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, April 23, 2009 08:08
Report on the meeting in Cowling from Darren Broadbent.

This meeting was called by the Parish Council who was eager to hear what the residents of the village felt about the proposed development of 19 affordable houses on a Greenfield site.

The turnout of the meeting was somewhere near to 140 people - a fantastic turnout that the Parish Council and Villagers alike should be proud of! It goes to show how residents of a small village can come together and have a really big voice!

The residents were unanimous in their opinion. When the Chair of the meeting asked the residents to take a vote, 100% were AGAINST the building of the affordable homes on this Greenfield site. This vote was taken via villagers raising their hands - not one single person raised one single finger in agreement of building on this Greenfield! Quite fantastic!

The residents of the village that attended this meeting, have sent a VERY clear message to CDC, Cllr Green, Cllr Knowles-Fitton, Skipton Properties, Firebird Homes, Manningham Housing Association and the Parish Council that they DO NOT WANT ANY HOUSES ON THIS GREENFIELD!!! 140 people’s voices CANNOT now be ignored when this comes to the planning stage!

The CPRE also attended the meeting and voiced their opinion of the proposed development. They too are against it!

I feel that the residents of the village were let down by the fact that CDC failed to send a representative from their Strategic Housing Team, despite the fact that they told the Parish Council via email that they would attend. However, Cllr Knowles-Fitton promised the hall full of people that he would investigate as to why any representative failed to attend.

Once again, without meaning to sound patronising, the village should be proud that they turned out in such numbers! I now have confidence that this momentum will continue! This may be the first of many fights to save our green fields!

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