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Sunday, March 22, 2009 18:29
Craven Support Group for parents of children/young people with special needs
Hi all. There are quite a few parents with children and or young persons with physical and or learning disabilities in Sutton. Many are constantly struggling to have their childs needs met, many have no idea even where to start in getting help for themselves or their child. The Craven Support Group has been set up independently by parents to help. It meets during term time 10.30 am - 12.30 pm in Skipton at

The Ghyll
Cawder Lane
BD23 2QQ

It is an opportunity to meet other carers and parents for information, support and advice in a friendly relaxed environment.

A county wide parents forum is being set up with funding from the government. This is to ensure that our views on how our childrens needs should be met will be heard by the councils (at all levels), the pct, the lea and acted upon. North Yorkshire County Council got a real shock last Wednesday when around 80 parents at the first parents conference said the service was consistently poor and told them what needs to be better.

That makes it really important that as many parents get involved as possible so that all our voices are heard.

thanks Jin

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