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Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 12:37
NODISC calling Cowling
It's just been brought to my attention the scale of proposed development in Cowling.

Some of the SHELAA sites for Cowling are listed below, together with the number of proposed dwellings. Sorry but I can't find a map.

Note that CDC doesn't describe Cowling as being in South Craven, as they appear to have decided "South Craven" is a new town made up of Sutton, Cross Hills and Glusburn. Cowling is listed under "other villages"!

South of Acre Meadow and Laycock Fields - 19

Land off Old Lane, south of Acre Meadow - 15

West of Fold Lane, east of Carr Mill - 36

Between Collinge Road and Cow Lane - 15

South of Colne Road, east of Welbeck House - 82

East of Dick Lane - 27

South of Colne Road, east of Craven Court - 15

Off Wainmans Close, rear of Bannister Walk - 48

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 14:32

I am from Cowling...

There has been lots of building in the village of recent years. Many new and older houses remain unsold. In my opinion there is neither the demand nor the facilities for any further expansion.

The Council proposals are ill-thought-out:

1. The greenfield areas proposed for development add to the moorland village feel to Cowling and are enjoyed as such by many. To infill every bit of open space is tantamount to crime and will spoil the "village" image.
2. The traffic generated from the development will end up in Crosshills or Colne as people commute to work. Each house usually generates at least 2 cars, sometimes 3, or even 4 as teenage offspring jump behind the wheel. Crosshills and Colne are already choked with traffic at rush periods.
3. The school is insufficiently large to cope with many more children.
4. The villagers of Cowling have not really been consulted about the proposals and, I am sure, most of them do not consider themselves part of Leeds! There has been no mention of the proposals in the village newsletter.
5. A new village hall was promised to us on the back of previous housing development. This is still unfinished and uncertain.

Cowling Parish Council are now aware of the proposals and will discuss them in due course. However, this will probably be too late to influence the "vote".

I personally, support your campaign and hope that you can make the Council see sense and not follow their greedy side - money for green land - to prop up the CDC ailing finances.

Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 14:39
Hi Andrew. There's still time to influence the "vote" - tell as many of your neighbours as you can and see if any can get along to Skipton Town Hall before 7.30 tonight! Tell them to tell people too, spread the word.
Joan (Cowling)
Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:51
When is all this likely to happen pls? Also "Colne Road" does not begin until Winkholme Top, the rest is Keighley Rd., but there is a Back Colne Rd. (cobbled) in Cross Hills, so maybe the postal address was changed at some point? We are already the "forgotten village", so we are now to become totally extinct! Cannot sell newly built houses here, and proposed village hall is still only a "shell". Makes a complete mockery of one individual who was not allowed to build a small bungalow which would not interfere with any neighbours, though just out of the planning division?? Agree with Andrew as above. Build Leeds a few prefabs like during wartime, they lasted a long time!

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