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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 15:40
NODISC - Council meeting on 22nd October update

Wednesday, 22 October, 7.30pm
Town Hall, (main hall), High Street, Skipton

At the full Council meeting of 8 October, it was agreed for an adjournment in order to allow public information seminars on the proposals relating to the 'Leeds City Region - Growth Point'. The adjourned Council meeting will now take place 22 October, 7.30pm at the Town Hall (main hall). The appointment of a new Chief Executive has been added to the agenda.


Committee Membership: The Chairman (Councillor Knowles-Fitton) and Councillors Barrett, Crawford, Paul English, Mrs Fairbank, Foster, Green, Hart, Robert Hesletine, Ireton, Lis, Place, Turner, Whaites and Wheeler.

2. NOTICE OF REVISED TIMING - POLICY COMMITTEE Wednesday, 22 October, 6.00pm Town Hall (main hall), High Street, Skipton

To accommodate the adjourned Council meeting the timing for the Policy Committee on 22 October has been changed to 6.00pm. It is aimed to conclude this meeting by 7.20pm or adjourn it at that time and then recommence the meeting after the completion of the full Council meeting. Please note that the meeting will also take place at the Town Hall (main hall).

Chris Leech
Thursday, October 16, 2008 22:39
Following tonights meeting at South Craven, it is obvious to the hundreds of people who braved the cold, and stood proud in the square, that the Council members do not represent the voice of the public, Nor do they intend to! A decision is made by the people of south craven. NO! however many times the council postpones and reajourns we are not going to change our minds. The housing developements already available are not selling so where is this demand? All this on a promise of 20 million and a new rail station. If the best way to spend 20 million is to ruin south craven then the government can keep it. And providing a station a few hundred yards nearer than steeton will acheive what? As a former manager at Northern Rail, the feesability study highlighted that due to the location and restricted land, any plans for a new station development at Crosshills could only accomadate 20 car parking spaces. The plan was developed to service locals who lived within a 20 minute walking distance from the station! Human nature as it is has already shown that people outside the west yorkshire PTE boundary will drive and park nearer their destination to reduce their daily fare! (as highlighted in Steeton, where passengers will drive from Skipton)
Thursday, October 16, 2008 22:57
To Chris Leech.
I understand your point about the station. A work colleague travels to Steeton (by car) from Kettlewell. On the other hand, I find local buses (including the SS1) reasonable enough (although poorly integrated with the railway at Steeton - get a train from Leeds to Steeton, and the next bus arrives just as you walk past the Rupali).

Still, a little inconvenience getting to the railway station is a small price to pay for not being Keighley.

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