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paul watson
The Hawthorns Sutton
Friday, October 10, 2008 23:00
plague victims on development area 316
whilst out delivering flyers tonight i was told by a resident that she heard the reason there is a steep hump in Thompson`s field is that the plague victims from the area were buried there in mass graves!!!!!!!!!!
Any budding archeologists or village historians know anything about that.
Dawn Park Pavilion
Friday, October 10, 2008 23:14
Hi Paul

Yes I have been aware for some time that this is supposed to be a burial ground and that is why the entire field is so uneven. I can't remember who told me, but I am sure someone out there knows all the facts. I will try to rack my brains as to where I got this information. Doris Riley would be a good place to start though, she knows all about the village.

Also, another worrying aspect - twice I have come across people who actually own certain bits of land designated for building, and they didn't even know anything about these plans!!
Dawn Park Pavilion
Sunday, October 12, 2008 14:01
This is what I found in the HISTORTY section of this website, which was written by Nellie Stell in 1927....

23. Old Jenkins

These terrible scourges must have caused great terror among the people. But great as the fear must have been, it is difficult to believe the traditional Sutton story of Old Jenkins and his wife.

It is said that the old couple had been ill for some time with a kind of fever. At first the neighbours did what they could for them. As the weeks grew into months, however, and the old man and his wife showed no signs of improvement, an uneasy feeling began to grow intvillagers' minds. Stories of past plagues were whispered. Tales of the sufferings of the victims were told, and memories of whole families being swept away were brought back. At last the fears of the neighbours turned to panic, and it is said, they took the old man and his wife and buried them alive in the field by the Holme Bridge. The field is still known as Jenkins Hole.

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