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Friday, October 3, 2008 11:14
re: the future of Sutton in Craven
I came from London recently to this wonderful little village to escape the crazy problems associated with an experimental cosmopolitan society. I have just learned that in the last eight years this area of England has steadily recieved an overspill from London to the tune of around 50 000 people. As a solution to enabling Leeds to take this despersment the current local development proposals are threatening to increase the Sutton in craven housing numbers by over 2000 by 2016. I reckon that wil raise the population by around 5000. On the 8th of october there is an open meeting taking place at the council chambers in Craven district council offices, gGranville street , Skipton at 6:30pm. If this meeting goes ahead smoothly then this will all go ahead DEFINITELY. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO BE AT THIS MEETING AND STRONGLY OBJECT TO THE PLANNED DEVELOPMENTS IF YOU VALUE YOUR WAY OF LIFE HERE. If people fail to protect their way of life then village life will be gone forever from Sutton in Craven and it will become a town with all the normal integration issues associated with this type of cosmopolitan expansion. It will mean Artic lorries through Sutton, the loss of all of the open green areas people value, a major increase in noise levels, polution levels, crime levels etc... Do not take this lightly, I hope you make it to the meeting, I will be there for sure.
Saturday, October 4, 2008 15:50

I will be there with you in mind if not body!

Unfortunately I have unavoidable work commitments outside the area next week. I am currently trying to re-arrange these so that I can attend (no luck yet).

In the meantime I have emailed and written a letter to the council planning office with my objections.
Monday, October 6, 2008 22:20
These plans are absolute madness. I'd be there if I could, but what with being busy in the fields etc... As regards Basils comments about artics plodding through the village, then yes it does happen, usually at about 3am - and yes, we get up, guide the thing backwards / forwards etc until it goes on its way. I'm sure the satnav maps are based on 'ye olde mappes' when the way to Skipton through Cononley was via Skipton Road.

Hope you don't mind me posting here, my comments on another website seem to get 'censored'!

Good luck with the meeting, sorry I can't be there.

Shadow - the gentle bovine.

(yes, you can post what you want there..).
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 01:47
nice one sherby, every little helps as they say!! I will make noise for you too on weds if required.
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 14:59
My husband, myself and neighbour will be attending this meeting, it was by chance we found out about the plans. We are appalled! Our green space is disappearing before our eyes. This must STOP!
Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 15:02
Good for you Em!
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 15:42
I've just now arrived back in Sutton and checked the forum.

I hope to see lots of faces at the meeting tonight!!
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 23:28
Basil, we moved here 4 years ago, from a place called Brookmans Park, in Herts. Partly this was a job move, mostly it was a matter of my wife wanting to "go home" - and me agreeing readily. I'm reading in the BP equivalent of this forum that as a result of bureaucratic changes (NCP taking over the local station, previously free, car park) that residents in the nearby streets (including the one in which we used to live) can't get their rubbish collected because of commuters' car blocking the road ( for anybody who is interested).

Un-thought-out "planning", and decisions made with inadequate or inappropriate accountability - like the current threat to Sutton and the surrounding villages - are a modern blight.

The politicians in this case seem to have tried to appease this bureaucratic pox by throwing us to the thoughtless as a sacrifice. That requires them to be sneaky, and it withers in the light.

I couldn't make it to this evening's meeting. But I'm happy to help for the next one (including transport to Skipton).

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