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Andrew Monkhouse
Thursday, August 28, 2008 23:25
Mrs Jackson's class c1965
Aha, the jigsaw is starting to fit together.

Iíve often wondered why Mrs Bakerís class photo of 1965 has many of my contemporaries missing from it. Now I know why, there were all in Mrs Jacksonís class!. Some of those pictured did eventually end up in the same class as me, or I ended up in the same class as them. Great to see so many familiar faces.

Names not yet identified include LORRAINE COOKSON on the MIDDLE ROW far right.

TOP ROW far right looks like ANDREW MARTIN (stood next to Mrs Jackson). Next to him looks like CHERYL STOKER. Next to Cheryl looks like ALEC WHITTAKER, not sure of the next one. Then thereís JAMES STINSON next to him (above Charles Volentine), not sure of the next one. Looks like ANDREW FRENCH next to him (above Diane Priestly)

Some of the lasses look VERY familiar but I canít just elicit their names. Never thought Iíd be paying much attention to girls back then, got that one wrong!
Paul Wilkinson
Friday, August 29, 2008 08:15
Hi Andrew - thanks for the update, I've added the names to the caption. I bet some more names for the familiar faces will pop into your head when you least expect it. Paul
Sue Palfreman
Friday, August 29, 2008 23:58
I'm on the back row between James Stinson and Alec Whitaker!
Andrew Martin
Sunday, August 31, 2008 19:57
Yes, Andrew you got me nailed, I seem to remember other class mates of that period being David Airey, Raymond Yates and possibly Robert Crawford & Ian Monkhouse none of whom appear to be on the photo.
Andrew Monkhouse
Monday, September 1, 2008 09:36
Hi Andrew, yes wish we could nail the rest of them. I too had considered Robert Crawford but also ruled him out. Hadnít thought about David Airey or Yatesy although I remember them well.

Itís those anonymous girls on the front row that Iíd like to nail, well name. Wish Iíd paid more attention at the time now.

Gary Feather, Stinny, Andrew French, Alec Whittaker & Christine Laycock all dropped down a year at some point because they ended up in my class and we were all together throughout the South Craven years.

Susan Johnsonís younger sister Christine, Cheryl Stokerís younger brother Mark and Lorraine Cooksonís younger sister Michelle were also in my class and at South Craven, except for Michelle. I remember the day we heard the tragic news that she had passed away of leukemia like it was yesterday, this was when we were in Mrs Bishopís class aged about 8.

Are you still with the Water Board? pretty sure thatís where you went when you left school.
Andy Martin
Monday, September 8, 2008 20:22
Hi Andrew, nearly there, it was the YEB, I went to work for and in fact still do although joining as an Overhead Linesman in 1975 and enjoyed every minute of it, I decided after a few years I didn't fancy doing that type of work when I was old and grey (nearly there now) so to cut a long story short after a lot of studying and various jobs within the company after de-nationalisation, I recently moved into the YE Control Centre and work as a Shift Network Control Engineer, a very interesting and rewarding job where no two days are the same. Sorry can't help with the girls names, but will rack my brains something might come back.
Jill Barrett
Saturday, September 20, 2008 09:28

Hi Andrew
Im the one sat 4th from the right on susan johnsons left hand side front row, sat next to me is Julie Cooper. Good to see the photo ,will let you know if I remember anyone else .
Paul Wilkinson
Saturday, September 20, 2008 12:42
Hi Jill - I've updated the names under the photo. Thanks. Paul
Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, September 20, 2008 22:20
Nailed! yes of course it's you Jill, the face was SO familiar but I just couldn't put a name to it. I would never have picked Julie Cooper from the photo though. The last time I spoke to you Jill was back in 1976 as we were on the brink of leaving South Craven. I remember thinking how utterly grown up and cool we all looked as we counted down the days to freedom and the big wide world called Ďlifeí that lay ahead. This was 32 years ago Ė nah it CANíT be that long ago, I must have my maths mixed up!

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