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Emily Smith
Thursday, June 23, 2005 13:52
fun day
The fun day was yet again another great occasion. As a member of the North Street float we were very glad to recieve 2nd price and therefore 100. Next year we will be taking part again and definatly hope to do as well (the last 2 years we have recieved 2nd price), but it would be even better to recieve the 1st price, for reginition of all the hard, dedicated work that the members of North Street put in. We also hope we have more compotion, i.e. more streets taken part!!!!!
Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, June 23, 2005 15:12
Congratulations Emily and well done to everyone who took part in the procession, it was indeed a great occasion and all the hard work was definitely worthwhile!

It's great to see the procession thriving, especially when it's become extinct in a lot of places. Good luck for next year!

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