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Pat Cresswell
Monday, March 17, 2008 15:39
Sutton Clough - the devastation
I want to protest at the utter devastation being wrecked in the Sutton Clough this week. The apparent reasons being that “some people don’t like it being so close-in”, pardon me folks but that is how native British woodland is, there are plenty of walks though wide open spaces across moors and meadows boarding on Sutton Clough without turning the Clough into a nuclear landscape.
The second reason was to give the young trees a chance –well they have more chance hidden from the eyes of many children who have broken down a large number of young trees in the few weeks of this year. Now they are visible and vulnerable.
Can the village committee think of nothing better to do with our money than this? If you need things to spend money on then replacing the historic lynch gates that were for decades the only means of access to the Clough would at least be useful, at least then walkers would have been protected from madmen on mountain bikes careering about putting life and limb in danger.
I have walked in the Cough day and night and have never ever felt frightened or threatened by the undergrowth and never seen any person much older than 10 years old to be afraid of hiding in the bushes.
The bushes provided winter shelter and habitat for our birds, the temperature under the bushes being several degrees warmer and safer than roosting in the leafless winter trees.
Some of it will grow back but it will be 5 years before there is enough cover for wildlife. As last time some bushes will have been killed.
How do these people choose which tree to chop down? Danger how what danger they protect us from – not trees falling down they did not touch any of those that fell down this month and still have not chopped down the dead and rotten trees that will come down next storm.
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, March 17, 2008 15:55
Hi Pat. I've haven't seen what's happened in the Clough so cannot comment on that, but would like to point out that it won't be anything to do with the Village Committee. The Parish Council manages the woodland on behalf of the villagers. Paul
Denis Pickles
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 14:27
'Lynch Gates'? What Lynch Gates? Have I missed something? Access was unrestricted in my day - apart from stiles on the footpaths leading into the Clough at the top end. Mind you, I suppose that you'd call the 1950's [when I last ventured up t'Clough], 'prehistoric' times and lynch gates may have been constructed since then.
garry petersen
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 17:03
Hi Paul
Many thanks for pointing out that this has got nothing to do with Sutton Village Committee, seems many people are keen to push the blame onto the village committee, I wonder why?

Garry Petersen
Sunday, March 23, 2008 09:27
Having just been up there for a walk, I have to ask "what devastation" ? The rhododendrons have been heavily pruned - and rhododendrons are hardly native to Britain.

I'd agree that "some people don't like it so close-in" is a pretty lame reason, but most of the work looks like the sort of woodland management that tends to get done once in a while, in batches. It isn't the first time it has been done, either, looking at the older stumps.

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