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Stephen White
Thursday, February 7, 2008 14:21
New to Sutton.
Hello everyone, just want to introduce myself to all you fellow Suttoners.
I have just recently moved to your most beautiful village from Valencia in Spain.
I am English and some of you might have already spotted me walking my 2 Irish Setters around the village., which i brought from Spain.
I have been successful in aquiring a position with Bradford Social Services working with children and families, but am still awaiting a start date due to the police checks which are needed and backlogged.
In Spain i was a gardener for 4 years as well as running my own'from home kennels'
prior to Spain i lived in the Manchester area where i worked as a Social worker.
If any of you out there speak Spanish or German would be interesting to 'chat', (i lived in Stuttgart, Germany too for 20 years), I am also looking to eet other dog owners for long walks and maybe get some payed casual work in Sutton until i start my new Job.
Thankyou . Stephen White. Sutton in Craven
Friday, February 8, 2008 07:02
Hi Stephen,

We moved to Sutton last year and love it.

We don't have any dogs or speak German or Spanish but just wanted to say welcome to the village!
Saturday, February 9, 2008 17:19
H Stephen. We moved to Sutton last October and love it. Sorry dont have dogs and cant speak German or Spanish but welcome to Sutton.
Mr Bilbs
Sutton in Craven
Sunday, February 10, 2008 22:40
Hi Stephen

We moved here last July and it has been great so far! Welcome Im sure you will love it here.

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