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Bryan Burnikell
Wednesday, May 18, 2005 17:52
As a child during the war I was evacuated to Sutton in Craven along with my mother and sister and hope to return for a visit soon.
Both my parents are alive (both 94) but their memories are not what they were.
As I remember we stayed in a row of houses (mill cottages?) on a main road running down to the Beck and across the bridge was a mill.
I believe the ladies name was Mrs Dickinson, with two daughters Mary and Jane, I think Jane lives in France now.
They had friends named Beecroft with a farm at cross-hills that we visited.
We also went "oop clougth" whatever that meant.
My father was stationed at Weatherby and was in Sutton seeking billets for us when a local man I believe named Jim Carey or Old Carey tried to commit suicide by cutting his own jugular vein with a hand saw.
My father prevented this, perhaps saving his life. My father and Jim Carey were taken into the nearest house, which happened to be the Dickinson's. Mrs Dickinson's (late?) husband had been associated with Bethnal Green where we came from, on finding this out she took us in.
One abiding memory is sliding along the pavement wearing the steel shod clogs I was given to wear.
Is there any body still in Sutton that might remember these distant days?

Bryan Burnikell
North Essex
Jane Chatterton
Wednesday, December 19, 2007 10:58
Dear Bryan,

Jane Chatterton (Walker) here. I have just seen your email from 2005. My Grandma was Mrs Dickinson, my Mum is Mary and My sister is Ann Bird.
Mum talks about your Mum and Dad a lot, your Mum's sewing prowess your Dad's gardening skills and of course about you, Sylvia, Graham and Pat.

Mum is now 92 and very lively with an amazing memory. I am going to ask Paul W. for your email address.

Jane Chatterton

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