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Denis Pickles
Thursday, October 5, 2006 17:53
Sutton Council School Class of '45
I don't think that class photographs were taken during the WW2 - I don't ever recall seeing a photograph of any class I was in. I started school on 28/11/38 and left on 27/07/45 - in for 'the duration' as it were! I remember the air raid practices when we all decamped into the dusty cellar clutching our gasmasks; the days when we were sent home because the school couldn't be heated - shortage of coke; lining up in class order in the playground and marching into the hall to the Rodetsky March played by Rebecca Wilson or sometimes by Frank Blackie. I remember too the time when the Lancaster bomber crewed by Polish airman who all died, crashed near Bradley Lane Ends and the trek to see the damage and the debris. And the Assembley shortly thereafter when Bill Walker asked, nay demanded, that anyone who had pinched souveniers from the site, should hand them in. He received, amongst other things, an 18" belt of live machine gun bullets, retrieved from the saddle bag of a bike parked in the shed in the playground. We were really too young to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.

Several of us moved on to either the Boy's or Girl's Grammar School in Keighley. The names of the pupils who made the move in 1945 were Leonard Marklew, Peter G Wilson, Peter Barsby, Audrey Driver, Christine Fieldhouse, Frank Blackie, Alan Chatterton, Doreen Horn, Peter Wilcock, Peter Lee and myself.
Other names I recall are Mary Baker, Betty Monkhouse, Kathleen Feather, Sidney Harrison, Michael Lynch, Marjorie Binns, Billy Shuttleworth, Michael Garnett, Doreen and David Brook, Dorothy Bottomley, Barbara Taylor, Sheila Laycock and Kathleen Ellis.
I know that there are a few of us still drawing breath, but news of anyone would be welcome. In particular, whatever happened to my buddy Peter Lee from Eastburn? His mother ran a newsagents shop in Steeton. And Doreen Horn who was usually [always?] top of the class? She lived in Town Hall yard Crosshills.

Denis pickles
Sunday, October 15, 2006 14:18
Maybe I'm wrong! Perhaps I'm the last of the class of 45!
Is there anyone out there?
Sunday, October 15, 2006 16:15
Hi Denis

can't help you with your queries but would be grateful if anyone is out there who can give me further information/reference source on the Lancaster bomber crash
alan pickles
Sunday, October 15, 2006 19:45
Don't let it worry you, Denis. When you start talking to yourself it is time to worry. I think that the Sutton we knew must have closed down and the people emigrated. The population of Australia has more of old Suttoners than the village we knew. Keep trying turn the light out on your way out.
Paul Wilkinson
Sunday, October 15, 2006 20:05
Stan - re the bomber crash, did you see this in the Craven Herald recently...

link to article

Monday, October 16, 2006 10:55
thanks Paul - should have known you would have some information on it,regular mine of information !

either Rhonnda or the Craven Herald must have got it wrong ,surely "it" must have been the wing floating down side to side. Also gather it must have been a Wellington and not a Lancaster

poor buggers eh Alan .Can't think of many worse places to go to than Australia, must have been desperate to leave Sutton

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