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Sutton Cricket Club
Thursday, September 21, 2006 18:35
Team Photographs
A new set of photographs of past Sutton Cricket Club teams have been added to the club section on the Local Information page.
Denis Pickles
Saturday, September 23, 2006 09:53
I have just been down memory lane by courtesy of the photograph of Sutton Cricket Club circa 1950's. Several faces I recognise and some I knew quite well. Jack Pullen - I think that he was Superintendant at the Baptist Chapel about that time and he had a finger [or fingers] missing from one hand. It didn't seem to detract from his bowling though. Frank Barrett was an all round sportsman. He too had connections with the chapel and he helped many a youngster [like me] to develop my tennis skills on the courts in Sutton Park as did his brother Alan. And the sight of Bernard Shuttleworth reminded me that his brother William [we knew him as 'Billy'] who was in the same class as myself at the Council School, would have celebrated his 73rd birthday a couple of days ago. But the face that really surprised me was that of Kenny Pickles [no relation]. I didn't know that he played cricket - thought he was devoted to rugby union. Ken played for the Keighlians and was a member of the all conquering team of 1948 when they won the Yorkshire Shield and the Yorkshire Cup in the same seaon. He was still playing for the 1st XV in the 50's when I played. Ken knew how to enjoy himself and somehow I don't think that the social lives of Mr Pullen and Ken would have been very similar!

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