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Ian Currie
Thursday, November 1, 2007 20:03
school photographs 1957,58,59 and 61.
My Sister Anne rang me to say I was on some old school photos on the Sutton web site.I am the one wrongly identified as Ian Carlton,next to Kevin Bainbridge on the 57, 58 and 59 and Roger Shuttleworth on the 61. I have one of these photos myself but I scribbled Mr Laycocks face out!
Friday, November 2, 2007 09:59
Hi Ian, thanks for the update, I've corrected the captions.
Andrew Monkhouse
Friday, November 2, 2007 14:20
Mr Laycocks face scribbled out !

Ha, as a 7 year old I remember (like it was an hour ago) innocently incurring the full wrath of Mr Laycock. I trembled with terror and have twitched ever since !
Jacqueline church (nee platts)
Melbourne, Australia
Sunday, November 4, 2007 08:08
Hi Ian, Jacqueline in Melbourne (Australia) here, I was catching up on the web site for the latest news and there you were in school photos and read your comment so thought I'd drop you a line, we visited you with Auntie Joan in 05, looking forward to catching up at Dan's wedding or Sept 08.
I really enjoy visiting this site, seeing all the changes, and reading all the stories. Well once again hello and see you next year. Hello to all the clan.
Trevor Hobson
Monday, November 12, 2007 17:33
In the 1958 photograph:
- Is the person to my left Graham Watson?
- Is the person bottom right (to the left of Michael Coulton) Ian Carlton?

Great photographs by the way.
Brian Clough
Monday, November 12, 2007 18:12
school photographs Mrs Bell 57,58, Miss Hooson 59 & Mr Laycock 61

The class of 61 left school in the summer of 1962 so should it be class of 62? first left middle row is Alison Hardie next to Elaine Shelton. Gillian Cresswell is Gresswell (also 4th from right middle row 1959, also 6th from right third row 1958), next but one is Gary Clewer and I am correctly identified (2nd from right). Front row 2nd from left is Ann Dickinson not Dixon (also 4th from left back row 1959, 3rd from left second row 1958 also 3rd from left front row 1957), 4th from left Jennifer Smith then Janet Riley, Carol Wood, after Anne Bailey, Carol Naylor and at the end Heather Taylor and Ruby Crawford.

1959 front row 6th from right Carol Wood and it could be Ruby Crawford 5th from right. Back row next to Miss Hooson could be Alison Hardie. The 4 with question marks on I would say they were correct.

1958 second row 1st from left Bronwyn Davies not Bronwen and 2nd from left Alison Hardie. I do not think 2nd from left front row is Philip Chew

1957 I am correctly identified next to Mrs Bell

Sydney Laycock, headmaster for quite a long time, had a Ford Prefect car with registration number LCX 530. He called it Laycocks tea time.

I often wonder how many of the class of 62 are still in or around the village.

Monday, November 12, 2007 19:54
Trevor, Brian - thanks for the updates, I'll amend the captions.
Kevin Bainbridge
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 07:43
Brian, Trevor good to hear from you and what a phenomenal memory, I have to admit to a lot of the errors an omissions in the photos, the last 45 years have obviously taken their toll on me. Although I now live near Sheffield my parents still live in Sutton so I manage to visit a few times a year. I notice the school has had an impressive looking extension built since our times - would be nice to have a look round some time. I wonder if they still have those honours boards that were at the end of the hall - my dad's name was on there as he passed his scholarship in the 1940s? He has lots of memories of the school in the wartime & I'm trying to get him to put them all to paper & perhaps add to this site.
I do remember Syd's Ford Prefect and then he moved up market I think to a Hilman Minx with the reg UFY 226 & didn't Mr Baker have an Austin Cambridge 744 WW? - good grief how sad remembering that!
I still fondly remember some of those annual events - the harvest festival, the wool collection - take along your worn out woolies to raise money for the school fund, the christmas parties - in fact Brian weren't you and I 2 of the wise men in one of the nativity plays one year?
Do you remember the school trips - tramping up to Kildwick station to catch the train. One year we went to Chester, another to York & in Syd's class didn't we go to the lakes. I remember us all cheering as we passed through Burnley, Blackburn and Preston stations - all div one football teams in those days!

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