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Susan Horsfield/Watcham
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 02:38
Sutton Amateurs 80th year
to the members of the amateurs I was a member from 1964 till 1980. I know they are having thier 80th year in 2008 hopefully my mother Alice Watcham/Tempest will be there. I think that she will be the oldest member and will remember the good old days as we call it. I think she we will have some of the old photos and memories of all the shows she was in. I can remeber the first show I was in that was in 1964 The Gypsy Princess with David Smith by my side (sorry Doreen) .Doreen was my mentor at that time she taught me how to act was in the pantomines she produced. would be nice to see ou all again.

thanks for

Susan Watcham

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