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One of the unpaid rubbish collectors
Sunday, October 14, 2007 12:57
Rubbish in Sutton Clough following teen drinking sessions.
I have no objection to young people having fun, or a party in the Clough, provided they do not leave litter, cause damage or put other people at risk of harm.

Last night (Saturday) teenage drunks removed road work signs and equipment from Hall Drive and threw it in the beck, then not content with leaving bottles and plastic carrier bags to litter the area, many bottles were smashed and left where they could cause a danger to other people.

Parents may be interested to know I collected a number of spirit fresh newly deposited Vodka and rum bottles in addition to many wine bottles, numerous beer bottles and cans there were no evidence of water or soft drink bottles so they will all have a hang over today.

It is getting a regular task for regular dog walkers to collect the rubbish left on Friday and Saturday nights. Those living in the surrounding houses were kept awake by the noise.

What time not sure when it all started but from 2200-2330 the noise was bad and from the position of the flash lights there was some trespassing taking place.

Broken bottles and beer cans were also thrown down in Hall Drive and the Shrubbery along the private road to Squires Farm; also I understand Gatering Lane is also littered with broken bottles.

I enclose a photograph of the bottles and cans collected around the seat near the bridge where the Ellers path and main path cross.
Andrew Monkhouse
Monday, October 15, 2007 21:57
This seems to contradict what 'self-appointed spokesperson for the organisers' Terrence McKenna had to say prior to the event :

"We have always been very thorough when it comes to cleaning up at the end. We appreciate the wood is used by dogs and children, and make every effort to see that rubbish and glass is removed as we leave"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 12:54
Andrew as far as I am aware this was NOT anything to do with the party in the woods (will look into it) & was caused by teenagers with parents wanting them out of there hair...... there I said it.

oh did U notice the rave???
didn't think so

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