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Michael Pilling
Friday, December 3, 2004 21:07
Baptist Church
My dad was minister of the Baptist Church in Sutton from 1959 to 1965. I was 2 when we came to Sutton and only 8 when we left to move to Nottinghamshire where I now live. I have some childhood memories of Sutton including the local farmer called Leonard, Mr and Mrs Rishworth who lived next door to The Manse, Sylvia and Walter Gill who ran the shop and Mrs Wellock who was the dinner lady who once brought in a tin of Quality Street toffees to the primary school!!
Would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers my dad from his time at the Church. Sadly he died in 2003.
Adam Burgess
Wednesday, January 12, 2005 20:14

Do you have any pictures of your time at the Church, as I have a special interest in the Church premises.



Michael Pilling
Thursday, February 3, 2005 21:25
Adam Burgess wrote...



Do you have any pictures of your time at the Church, as I have a special interest in the Church premises.



Sorry Adam. I dont think we have . If I come across any I will let you know

Sylvia Gill
Friday, August 26, 2005 18:07
Hello Michael,

This is Philip typing, with Mum standing over me (pressure!). We chanced across the Sutton web site and found your note. None of our family still live in the Sutton area; Shirley moved to Northallerton with her husband and two girls about 14 years ago. Mum was baby-sitting several days a week so to avoid the drive from Sutton she moved to Northallerton too, taking her Dad with her (do you remember Arthur and Alice Snookes?). Grandma Snookes died in 1983 but Grandad kept going until 2000 when he was 96. My Dad died in 1987 (bit of a sad note this, isn't it?) but Mum is very fit and well, still very active. I am living in Bracknell, one wife, no kids, and Ronald is in Carnwath (Scotland, south of Glasgow) with his wife and children (one of each).

Mum still goes over to Sutton several times a year but it has changed an awful lot, e.g Bairstow's mill is gone and the Woodturners just across the Manse is in the process of demolition as well.

Obviously we all remember your Dad very well, in fact all of you - I recall well the massive (in memory at least) cellars beneath the Manse and the bell system (didn't work anymore?). Hope you are well.

You say you are still in Notts - is that still Hucknall? And what about Karen?

All the best, Phil (and Mum)
Michael Pilling
Friday, September 2, 2005 06:57
Phil and Sylvia
Great surprise to see you had seen my note. I am still living just outside Hucknall. Pauline and I have just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and we have two daughters, Clare aged 22 and Katy aged 20. Clare is working for a PR company in Nottingham and Katy works in the offices of the Toyota Academy in Nottingham.
We had a walk round Sutton last summer and saw where your shop used to be. The manse garden was not as big as I remember but then I was rather smaller then!!
Karen lives near Scunthorpe with her husband Tim who is the village rector. They have four boys- one at Nottingham Uni, one at Oxford Uni, one just about to start at Cambridge and the youngest is aged 11. Dont know where they got their brains from!
Good to hear from you again and glad you are OK
wendy welch (nee Atkinson)
Monday, November 21, 2005 19:28
Hello Michael, You will have known me as Wendy Atkinson when we played together in the early 60's.
I lived with my mother Joyce and older sister Elaine in Harper Square in Sutton. My grandad was Fred Morrell -the greengrocer.
Do i remember correctly that you broke your arm around the age of 5, and if so was it broken by my great grandmas washing machine? i have the memory (true or not) that you put your arm inside my granny's agitator tub which she used in the yard and it broke your arm.-is this true or just a tale told by my mum to stop me putting my hands in the tub??
I moved from Sutton in 1965 but have had family ties there until 1991.
I live in Doncaster now with my husband of 27 years and have 4 grown up children.
Best wishes, wendy
Michael Pilling
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 20:26
Wendy - it was really interesting to read your reply. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember you or your family and sadly I can't get any clues from my mum or dad as they have both died. However you have enough on me to know that you have got the right Michael Pilling!! The actual story on my 'broken arm' is not factual but I can see that your mum may well have used my accident to warn you of the perils of wash day in the 1960's. I actually got my arm caught in the electric mangle on my mum's washing machine resulting in a serious burn to my left forearm from the friction of the rollers. I spent six weeks in hospital I'm told (I think it was Keighley) and had a skin graft. No doubt when I came out of hospital I had a bandage on my arm and your mum may well have found that the easiest or most appropriate explanation was a broken arm.
I have a sister called Karen who is a year younger than me- you may remember her also.She now lives in Belton between Doncaster and Scunthorpe where her husband is the local vicar!
Good to hear from you
Chris Barsby
Monday, July 16, 2007 21:24
Hi Michael
Not sure whether you are still checking this site as I got the link some while ago now from Peter but never checked it until now.
However reading this while sat in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, brings back many happy memories. Especially the names you remember - Leonard Thompson, the Rishworths who lived next door to the manse, Sylivia and Walter Gill, Mrs Wellock.
Then to get a reply from Phillip Gill and mentioning Shirley really brought back the memories, I have a photo of the 4 of you (including Karen) sat on the manse lawn where we spent many hours "messing" around and even playing cricket, Conrad Hunt (the West Indian opener) I think it was came over on a misssionary visit and we had a fun "knock around" with him and your dad.
Then there was the YPF, what great times they were.
No doubt you are up to date as to where all our family are, so no need to cover all that, even with another Jack Barsby growing up. He will be two in September but lives in Bedworth with his Dad, Gavin, and mum Sarah.
I still have a house in Skipton, even though I have been in Saudi now for ten years almost, also have a house in New Zealand near Wellington (Waikenae) on the North Island, my wife is a Kiwi. You never know one of these days we may well catch up again, no doubt Peter will continue to keep me briefed about what is gong on
David Laycock
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 13:15
Hi Wendy,
Just perusing through the forum and noticed an extra addition to this topic.
Was your uncle Frank, be about 65 now We went to school together at Sutton primary and he went to Skipton G S and I to Keighley G S. what's the news on him?
Hi Chris, Where are you in relation to Jack the chimmney sweep Barsby.
David in oz
Chris Barsby
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 13:47
Hi David
Jack was my father, hence in my note above I mention another Jack on the scene with my Grandson.
Like you I went to Sutton CP from about 1956 to 1963, then KBGS from 1963 to 1970 - that is when it moved from the centre of Keighley up to Oakbank

Other brothers and sisters, all older than me, are Peter and Christine Barsby and Ian Wilson, all but me actually live in the area still, although I do have a house in Skipton, spending 95% of my time in Saudi Arabia and the other 5% spent between seeing my three children (all grown up now) and Grandson in the UK and my wifes 3 children and 3 grandchildren in New Zealand.

I am sure I recall you, (there was also a John Laycock) but can't think from where, Glusburn Cricket maybe or even from the Baptist chapel, or even Old Boys Rugby from KBGS, Gilbert Swift used to oraganise good Old Boys games?

Grandad Walter Barsby,by the way, living at the bottom of the Ellers, used to work at the mill and was well known for playing his Accordian at may of the old Sutton functions, unfortunately I didn't see much of his playing as he died when I was quit young, but many people used to talk of it and we used to have old pictures of the functions
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 18:28
What a trip back in time. The names mentioned conjure up memories galore. Chris Barsby, we used to take it in turns to push you in the pram on a Sunday afternoon so that Peter could take his turn to play football, something that was frowned upon in those days. Joyce Morrell and Sylvia Snookes, both young ladies of fashion in the village. Does the young Jack Barsby have a set of brushes? Jack senior,was a wonderful character with a smile from ear to ear. This was to be seen all the clearer when he was working with his eyes also showing much whiter against the sooty coloured skin. The Reverend Ted Pilling, the minister that married my wife and I in 1960 and also dipped me in the bath in the chapel. The movies in the gallery section of the site give him quite a good cover. I think that Walter Barsby might also figure, leading the band on the parade. The site goes from strength to strength with new names appearing daily. Keep them coming.
Chris Barsby
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 07:43
Just a quick correction Alan, Grandad played mainly a concertina, not an accordian, in fact I still have one of his old ones. My dad also gave a special "mini" concertina that Grandad had to the museum at Cliffe Castle for their music section.
The accordian was played by a chap whose surname was Chapman and used to frequent the Kings Arms in the days of Leonard Myers to keep the "music flowing"
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 09:05
I stand corrected. Sorry about the mistake. He still made a darned good job of leading the processions.
David in oz
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 12:24
Hi Chris and Alan,
Where do you stop with this forum? Just imagine the number of memory years powering up when someone mentions a name, place or event etc.
John is my cousin, my dad's brother, Gordon's lad. He now lives in Hall way, where his Dad used to live. His step mum Edth (Riley) died recently so he bought it, and his Daughter bought his old house in Bent Lane.
You would have known his Dad through the Baptist Chapel and the local operatic society. He is actually on one or two of the gallery photos.
Yes I left primary in 52 and was invovled with the chapel social side as well, badminton, pantos etc., remember Walter Thomson's film nights? You would have lived pretty close to Frank Barrets? By the way re Gibert Swift, He was always trying to get me to play rugby for the school, reckoned I would be a good 2nd rower. No way I was playing football. He took us for English for a couple years and would give me detention if I did something wrong. Guess what my punisment was---Train with the first team!!!!
Any way I'll stop, so someone else's memory bank will fire up
Denis Pickles
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 22:32

Walter Thompsons film nights? Check out my entry dated 06/07/06 : Peter Fergusan Wilcock. The extract from Peter's biography continues with a description [his recollections] of Walter's Band of Hope Film nights. It even mentions Peter Barsby. No one seemed to be interested in a continuation. Do you want more?
Harry Prou
Friday, July 20, 2007 23:39
i used to remember going to sutton baptist chapel werw my grandfather was caretaker his name was harold proud with my grandmother isabelle they lived in the building left of the arch ,on a sunday my dad used to drop us off for sunday school, later on the whole family would attend church sitting in box like cubicles,while mr pilling did his sermon and things,after church we would eat sunday lunch with our grandparents. the good old times,
Andrew Milsom
Thursday, September 6, 2007 12:12
Hello Michael - what a surprise to see your message (+ the replies). We used to play together after school most days (either in the cul-de-sac next to Thompson's woodturners or in the fields next to the Manse where the Shielings estate was being built. I remember your dad giving me a lift home to Junction (Elmore Terrace/Keighley Road) afterwards. Strangely enough, I came across an old school photo the other month - misplaced it at the moment, but I'll scan it and send it to the webmaster when I find it. You may have left the area by then - it was Miss Hinchliffe's class when we were about eight (1965?). I was back in Cross Hills recently and met Howard Snowden, who was in our class at school, so we did a bit of reminiscing. Wendy Atkinson's name came up in conversation, so it was interesting to see her contribution above (hallo again, Wendy, hope you are well) - if you are still looking at this Wendy, did you have some connection with the travelling greengrocers shop that went round Cross hills in ~1970? I also seem to remember seeing you once at the old cornmill/warehouse that was towards the bottom of Park Road, near the entrance to the Ebenezer. I was with my dad when he was buying a bale of peat at the time.

I remember playing with your sister Karen as well, Michael - strange coincidence that we moved to a new estate near Ulverston, Cumbria and our new neighbours, Terry and Maureen (Fulton), came from Belton.
Thursday, November 1, 2007 14:04
Request for information on Sutton Baptist Church

I'm not sure if anyone can help with this but I am trying to track down some family history information. My family on my Dad's side comes from Sutton for many generations although my family left in c 1947. I did have a great aunt though who lived in Eastfield Place until the early 80s - Edith Wilson. I'd be interested to know if there are any birth/wedding/funeral records at the Church going back as the family was very much 'chapel' and involved with the church or any other memorabilia. I understand that my great grandfather - Bertie Wilson, was the Church Secretary although I don't have the dates and that my grandfather and grandmother may have been involved in various musical activities. They are both buried in the churchyard (Eric and Dorothy Wilson)

I'd be grateful for any assistance.

Many thanks

Vancouver, Canada
Sunday, January 27, 2008 00:16
I live in Vancouver Canada and am the daughter of Connie (nee Tingle) and Frank Phillips, who were members of Sutton Baptist Church until we emigrated in 1947. Alice Snookes was my mother's cousin and my mother was also the best friend of Dorothy (nee Brierly) Wilson. In fact I have a child's book sent to me one Christmas by Cameron Wilson, Dorothy's son. I believe I have the odd clipping and picture of the old church that was torn down.
Andrew Monkhouse
Sunday, January 27, 2008 07:54
Hi Lynda

Alice and Arthur Snookes were the salt of the earth, couldnít wish to meet a lovelier couple. They were inseparable throughout life having first met one another as teenage sweethearts. Alice passed away in 1983 aged 80, whilst Arthur (also born in 1903) batted on until the year 2000 aged 97. A plaque dedicated to Alice and Arthur is situated on a memorial wall at the back of the Baptist Church

As for the old Baptist Chapel, I have an old cabinet picture of Sutton Baptist Church showing portrait images of every Pastor from 1833 to 1909.

I know the web-master Paul is a little busy at the moment so Iíll hang fire for the time being before submitting these images to be added to the gallery.
Denis Pickles
Sunday, January 27, 2008 22:50

So tell me what happened to Bayne? Bain? Tingle? Didn't he live in Burnaby? I believe that he passed on a few years ago
Vancouver, Canada
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 04:45
Hi Denis:

Bayne Tingle was my cousin and he did live in Burnaby, BC, Canada but he passed away many years ago, in the 1960's. He had some sort of bowel disease and wasn't very old when he passed on.
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 10:58
Hi Lynda

I read your message with interest today. I haven't checked the site for a while as I've been off work for a while with a broken foot and have been a bit busy at work since I came back. I'm Cameron's daughter and therefore Dorothy Wilson/nee Brierley was my grandmother - she died long before I was born. I'll ask Dad if he remembers you at all!


Helen Wilson
Friday, April 4, 2008 22:44
My mother had a cousin Dorothy Brierley, Cameron her son I think, will look an old photo up. My mother is now 86, Kathleen nee Watson, her mother Elsie Smith of the Smiths of Rose Cottage, Lothersdale (there is a site on this family by a cousin in Scotland, and a lovely family photo). Referring to the Baptist Chapel, when was it altered, as we now have an old photo c.1895 taken from mill dam, showing newish streets and a peep at old chapel in background - it is coming down to Sutton from us here in Cowling asap.
Friday, April 4, 2008 22:52
To Chris - Kenneth Chapman from Cowling used to play the accordian down in Sutton! I remember singing with him and others at Bay Horse, Cowling, "Hang out your washing on the Seigfreid Line""!! or something like that? I think of him every Remembrance Sunday - ha-ha - his family still here in Cowling.
Its surprising what you find down here on this site!
Saturday, April 5, 2008 11:11
Sorry, me again - Helen - my parents used to live at no. 2 Eastfield Place, and there was a Mrs. Wilson at no. 6? Your great Grandma (on your Dad's side) Martha Hannah Smith, b. c.1882 m. Wm. Brierley, she was one of the 11 children at Rose Cottage, Lothersdale, my own Grandma was Elsie Smith b. 1897, but died age 32 so I didn't know her. I am told Martha wouldn't be on the family group photo c.1914, because it was taken on a Sunday, the Sabbath??, the 2 brothers Thomas Whitney and Wm. Robert died soon after that in WW1. You can have my email ref. via webmaster if you like.
Monday, April 7, 2008 15:21

Thanks very much for this info. I shall have to have another look at all the census stuff I looked up a while back for the addresses. My great aunt who died in the mid 80s lived at Eastfield Place but I can't remember the number - will have to check with my Dad. She wasn't married. It's pity Martha wasn't on the photo - obviously had strong convictions. I'll get your e-mail if I may as it would be good to see the photo if possible. I think, again I'll have to check, that I found the details of Martha's mother who was from Cumberland? One family story I remember from Dorothy's side of the family is that she had a cousin, who sent her a postcard, from the front in the first world war which my Dad had as a child. I'm not sure when the chapel was rebuilt but it was after the mid 1940s so the one you refer to would be the old one I think.

Monday, April 7, 2008 17:00
I have just been catching up on the Chapel column. The old chapel was pulled down in the mid to late 1960's, if not later. I was baptised in 1959 in that chapel and left Sutton to live and work in Bradford shortly after. It stood for a good while after that. Surely there must be a plaque or some indication somewhere of when the new chapel was built. My cousin Colin, was buried there, with the service in the new chapel in 1987 and it appeared to be fairly well established then.
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 11:57
Thanks Helen for your reply. My parents say there was another Edith? Wilson across the street in Eastfield Place, besides Alice at no. 6. Will be in touch.
wendy welch (nee atkinson)
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 22:17
to david laycock;
hi you asked after my uncle frank (morrell), who has recently moved back to uk after a few years abroad. He attended Ermisteads school and became a chartered valuer and lived locally for many years. He moved south to Devon and then abroad, but returned recently.
he reads this web page occasionly - i will email him to tell him to read!!

to andrew milsom;
thanks for remembering me.
yes i had family connections to the greengrocer; he was fred morrell greengrocer and fruitier. we lived in harper square, where he ran his shed and mobile shop from.
he also built the house called towngate along with his father joe morrell and brother tom.
i often used to go on his rounds with him collecting shopping lists and baskets from outhouses etc-how trusting everyone was in those days.
were we in miss hinchcliffes class together? i remember howard snowden, philip eardley, ?kevin mcvey, glenys cadwallader, ?julie noble or her younger sister, dick valentine.
David L
Friday, August 1, 2008 11:32
Thanks He would have been at Skipton Grammar with John Steel.
Steve Clifford
Friday, August 8, 2008 03:33
Hello everyone (and Andrew Monkhouse in particular),

It appears I will be the second person from British Columbia to contribute to this thread! I'm the great-great-great grandson of Jonathan David Marsh who I recently discovered was the Minister of the Sutton Baptist Church from 1833 to 1836.

The information I've found on this website has been wonderful and I was particularly intrigued by Andrew Monkhouse's comment: "As for the old Baptist Chapel, I have an old cabinet picture of Sutton Baptist Church showing portrait images of every Pastor from 1833 to 1909.". I'm hoping David Marsh might be one of the Pastor's in this picture? I have one photo of my g-g-g-grandfather taken later in life which I'd be happy to share with anyone interested in the history of the church. I've also included a very brief bio at the end of this post.

The "Smith Family History" website listed to from the "Links" page was a wonderful find ... apparently David Marsh's handwriting was rather poor ... now I know who to blame for my own :-)

I've visited Skipton on several occasions but will make a point to visit Sutton-in-Craven on my next trip.

A brief bio:
Jonathan David Marsh was born in Accrington in 1805 and studied at the Horton Baptist College in Bradford. My understanding is that Sutton Baptist Church was his first pastorate (1833 - 1836). He became the pastor in Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs in early 1837, married and fathered three children. In 1841 he took over the pastorate at Great Missenden, Bucks. Tragically he buried his wife and two children within the span of one month in 1842. He remarried in 1845 and emigrated to Quebec City where he raised a new family and guided the Baptist community for nearly 40 years. He passed away in 1888. My grandfather was born in Quebec City and was a devout Baptist all his life.
Paul Wilkinson
Friday, August 8, 2008 07:43
Hi Steve and welcome to the site. I think I have a scan of the old postcard showing the Pastors in my "pending" file - I will check tonight and if so, will add it to the gallery ASAP.
Andrew Monkhouse
Friday, August 8, 2008 10:38
Hi Steve, yes I had previously taken and saved several close-up images of each pastor on the cabinet picture including Pastor J.D.Marsh 1833 to 1837. Am happy to email you the eleven close-up shots, all taken from the one overall picture about the size of a postcard
Freda Bates (nee Barrett)
Tuesday, November 4, 2008 09:51
I have just found the Sutton website with the forum and i chanced on this thread. I remember Mr Pilling(and son). My wedding on 30 December 1971 was the first in the new chapel and it had only been open 2 weeks so we had to get a special licence. We were married by your dad Michael because he was the minister who had baptised me in 1966.
Linda. My parents Leonard and Edith Barrett corresponded with your parents for all the years from them going to Canada until my parents went into a home & my mother developed Alzheimers(approx1996).
My family were involved with the chapel all their lives and their funeral services were held there in 1999 and 2000.
I also recognise several names in this thread (Barsby, Snookes, Monkhouse).
Some of my family still live in Sutton but I have been away since 1970 and now live in Leeds.
Lynda Blundell
Vancouver, Canada
Thursday, November 6, 2008 03:03
Hi Freda: Your name and that of your parents is familiar to me too as I used to type my Mum's Christmas letters and envelopes for many years. My parents died in 2000 and 2002. I still have a friend in Cross Hills that I used to play with in the mid 1940s when we lived in Sutton. My husband is from Manchester so we visit England fairly often, usually staying in Skipton for a few days to see family in Gargrave and my friend in Cross Hills. All the best. Lynda

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