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Alan Pickles.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 19:22
Has everyone gone to sleep? I thought that the site held promise but I am beginning to wonder if the people interested in the village have emigrated, (Jane Walker, David Laycock etc.) Surely there must be more than Maureen Green left holding the fort. Has anyone thought of forming a history society or similar? I have found a catalogue for the sale of Hayfield estate in 1938 and plans for the sale of Sutton and Glusburn from 1911. Anyone interested.
Josie Walsh
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 16:52
Hello Alan

I would love to be a part of a family history or village history group.
I have over 30 years of family history experience, and have been trying to collect anything of interest for the surrounding areas.
I have numerous Census & parish register indexes for most of the area, Kildwick, Silsden, Skipton, Sutton, and only last year I indexed the gravestones for St Thomas Church.
I live in the village, so please do get in touch, let's see what we can up with.
Phone number is 631034
david laycock
Thursday, August 17, 2006 13:00
Whils't we are as you say, overseas, I am happy to be part of a "ex pats" group.
Stuart Mackenzie.
Thursday, August 17, 2006 20:33
Hello Alan,
Have just found this site and though not a "Suttoner", I will lay claim to having been influenced in my formative years by Miss Hoosens playing of Bachs, "Jesu of thee all men are desireth", (I believe that is the correct translation, but will stand correction) as we juniors filed in for assembly each and everyday in the "big hall', of Sutton Primary school.
Ever since, no matter where I was in the world, hearing this sublime melody took me straight back my three years of Sutton school life prior to my redirection of education at St Annes R.C. school in Keighey.
Being only ten at the time, of course Sutton has left its indelible marks and memories but being a youngster of fifty-eight I have not yet gained that state which older people profess to have, of being unable to remember what happened yesterday but can remember yesteryear as though it was last night.
When that happens then surely you will be inundated with memoires of a schoolboy.
I do remember though, with huge affection, the two Pinacles above my valley and these also have been a major source in bringing my mind home for inner peace.
I live in Sheffield now and have done for the past thirtyfive years but that is not to say I have forsaken Crosshills, Sutton, Glusburn, kildwick, merely remembering from afar. (with the occaisional vist back of course)
That is the main reason for writing this missive, to let you know that others, other than the local populace are interested in the site and also to thank you and those who have contributed to its conception, inception and hopefully further injection of news, views, discourse and images, of an area which I still call home.
Again many thanks,
Stuart Mackenzie
Thursday, August 17, 2006 20:53
This is for Josie Walsh,
Hello Josie,
Seeing your interest regarding census and record keeping, (on this site) perhaps you would assist me in finding out where my Grandfather and his pre-cedents lived in the village.
If you feel this is an imposition then please accept my apologies and read no further,
My Grandfathers name was William Cooper and I believe he was a Builder, he died sometime in the forties but even that I'm not sure of, other than that I have no knowledge.
It's all my wifes fault you see, as she wishes to bring the family history up to scratch in her lifetime, her own family tree is well defined but it appears mine is somewhat leafy and as such could do with a good shaking, to give a more defined shape by someone who may have the information, she hasn't even found my Grandfather on census either.
Hopefully you will be able to get my URL from the Administrator if you wish to reply.
Many thanks
Alan Pickles
Saturday, August 19, 2006 18:30
Josie, Stuart and David,
Thanks for your interest in the village, unfortunately I also no longer live there but visit at fairly frequent intervals. A long distance History group is not really what is needed but at least someone may latch on to the seeds that we have sown. My memories of Sutton are many and I still hold it in great affection. There is nowhere else quite like it.
With regard to William Cooper, I cannot remember a builder with that name. My father was also a builder but I suppose if Mr. Cooper died in the forties then I would not really be old enough to have reason to do so. The only other gentleman of that name used to cut hair in Crosshills. All those lads that went to see him were easily identifiable by the pudding basin rim around the hair line.
Keep up the enquiries and who knows the tree might bear fruit.
Thursday, March 22, 2007 18:44
This particular entry seems to have lapsed into oblivion. I thought that it might have taken off when the Village Committee had such a resounding interest shown after the Christmas lights episode. I have read the recent Village Newsletter and note that several of the officers have taken on more than one appointment. Is this due to a lack of interest on the part of the new members? To those who are in office, Keep up the high standards that have been set for and by you. The sheet is a credit to you.
What happened at the AGM, did Stan turn up? This lot beats the Archers.
( Only trying to stir the interest)
Sunday, March 25, 2007 19:56
Hi Alan

pretty good wooden spoon you've got there !! Shall have to have words with Ken and Janet about you

Still alive and kicking but comp died a death but up and running again

No I didn't go to the AGM, thought I had made my position clear.Besides which I didn't want to get crushed if too many turned up - I would imagine the committee alone would more or less fill the King's to capacity !

Disappointed the Colonel didn't respond to my request to be updated on what happened at the meeting.Perhaps he was in the Intelligence Corps and gave instruction in how to keep things really top secret (now that is a wooden spoon !)

Not really important Alan,I'm pretty sure of the status of the committee and merely would have liked them to put forward the position themselves.(Tried to get the wooden spoon before you Alan and stir up a bit more interest in Paul's excellent site).Don't see why they can't ,as you say they voluntary do a pretty good job and as such it doesn't really matter whether they are "official" or not

Watch out for Benji next time you see him,on his last stay with me I trained him to"go" for guys called Alan !!

Keep up the good work you and Dennis do between you in raising subjects that foster interest from far and wide

Is Bobby Jones still out there and taking an interest.if so please contact me ,Paul has my e address

Monday, March 26, 2007 07:59
Hello Stan,
Thanks for taking it in the manner in which it was posted.
Re. Bobby Jones alias Ginger, he replied to one of Denis' queries about three or four months ago. He was alive and kicking then. Sounded to be living abroad.
Welcome back, keep smiling.
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 08:41
Thanks Alan re Bob .I did see his name on the site a few months ago when he said he would look forward to contacts

He and Anne were near neighbours when I first came to the village almost 40 years ago.I'm still not a Suttoner !

My next door neighbour was Janet's Aunt - Mary !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 19:19
Spoke to Benji's owner this afternoon. She tells me not to worry too much. By the way has she told you that I'm a professional where dogs are concerned. (Mary Whitehouse eat your heart out.)
Keep smiling. You never know, you might be made an honourary Suttoner before too much longer.
Denis Pickles
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 19:47
Alan, you're getting your 'houses' mixed up! Mary Whitehouse was the anti porn campaigner [as I'm sure you'll remember now that you've been prompted]. Barbara Woodhouse trained the dogs! Sit.................!
Laurence Smith MBE
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 21:03

Sorry I did'nt report back straight away!!! I have been on my sickbed and also I have been busy assisting the wounded returning from our 2 war fronts and other needy veterans! The AGM and the committee business was as expected run correctly, as I suspect it has done for many years. What a few village volunteers achieve in a year for the good and benifit of Sutton is quite superb! The village newsletter sums it all up! I'm a Gunner by the way!!


Laurence (New committee member who has yet to earn another set of spurs)
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 08:40
Thanks I realised when I had pressed the button. Pleading Senior Moment.

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