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Mr Bilbs
Monday, August 6, 2007 12:54
Where do I live?
Hi All

We have just moved into the area and love it. Im just confused about one thing. I thought we had moved to Sutton in Craven, North Yorkshire but everything I seem to get through the post shows as Sutton in Craven, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Blimey now Im paying more in council tax etc for a North Yorks post code I expect it to be on my letters!!! :)
Monday, August 6, 2007 13:30
Hi Mr Bilbs and welcome to North Yorkshire!

Since April 1974, Sutton has been in the non-metropolitan county of North Yorkshire, formed from the North Riding, northern parts of the West Riding and the northern part of the East Riding. This was as a result of reforms laid out in the Local Government Act 1972. Prior to that, Sutton was in the West Riding.

North Yorkshire is divided into several local government districts, and we are in the Craven district - hence we pay council tax to Craven District Council and have Craven wheelie bins.

The problem with the mail is that it comes to us via the main sorting office in Keighley, which is in West Yorkshire, and it seems addresses served by the sorting office are tagged as West Yorkshire by default. The postcode database that everyone uses also has West Yorkshire for Sutton addresses.

As long as you use your post code, mail will reach you regardless of which county you put. I've used various permutations of near Keighley, near Skipton, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and omitted the county altogether and it all gets here.

The only time I purposely use West Yorkshire is for anything relating to credit card transactions, as the verification picks up the address from the post code database.

There was a North Yorkshire boundary sign displayed on Sutton Lane as you entered the village but I don't recall seeing it for a while.

Regardless of where the boundaries are, Sutton is still a beautiful place.


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