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Monday, August 16, 2004 16:18
did the recent drain works add to the flood devastation?
I am looking at the Photo Gallery of the floods while on holiday in hot and sunny Canada, wondering what devastation awaits my return home . I wonder to what extent the recent works carried out on sewers and pipework in Sutton and Glusburn has contributed to the new areas of flooding in the village. I note that the terraced houses in sutton that usually experience flooding have been dry so wonder what has made the difference. When I return I will be asking questions of the local council and wonder if there are others who would wish to have similar answers?
Monday, August 16, 2004 16:46
Hello Angela

Manse Way and adjoining roads seemed to be worst hit. From what I've been told, (and this is purely anecdotal at this point), Sutton Fields football pitch filled to a depth of around 4ft. At some point the solid gates failed or were opened, unleashing a tidal wave along The Hawthorns and The Coppice, through Meadow Lea and Rowan Garth and pooling in Manse Way.

Representatives from the Parish Council, Craven District Council and the Environment Agency have visited the scene and started an investigation. A public meeting is to be held, date to be arranged.

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