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Craven DC
Thursday, June 22, 2006 13:05
Craven District Council "Shaping Places and Spaces"
Craven District Council's planning department is in the early stages of consulting with the public on the future development of the district (outside the national park). This process has been named "Shaping Places and Spaces" and, at this stage, we are seeking views on "Issues and Options" relating to the following topics:

  1. Vision & Strategy
  2. Housing
  3. Economy
  4. Environment & Design
  5. Transport

We are about to publicise consultation papers for each topic, which will include a summary of current issues and possible options for future action. Each paper will be accompanied by a response form, which will give people the opportunity to indicate their preferred options and to provide other feedback.

The consultation period will last for six weeks and is due to begin on Monday 19th June 2006 and to end on Monday 31st July 2006.

More details at

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