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barbara davis fleischmann
Sunday, April 22, 2007 23:20
your websiste is great
Your website is great. My aunt is Constance Davis on Victoria St. I will be visiting from USA in May. I want to know if anyone has an aol email address so that I can send her emails or if it is possible to get her an emachine or some other easy way to do email. Please let me know. Also, I need some help getting rail tickets from the GNER for Sunday, May 20th to go from Skipton to London. Someone --please advise me. I don't think I can make my rail arrangements on the internet because iGNER does not accept them from the U.S... please advise. Looking forward to my visit with my aunt.

barbara davis fleischmann
Monday, April 23, 2007 07:51
Hi Barbara and welcome to the site.

The local library in Cross Hills has free Internet access, so if your aunt can set up a web-based email address you should be able to swap emails. Perhaps you could set up a Yahoo account for her and just tell her what she needs to type in to access it?

Regarding rail tickets, did you use If you need a UK address to register, could you use your aunt's address and have tickets sent there?


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