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Jan Perkins
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 18:59
Clough Head Farm
An aquaintance, has a picture which she believes is Clough Head Farm in Sutton. Can I ask does this still exist today?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007 15:05
Hi Jan

I believe the farm is up West Lane in Sutton and is still used for beef and sheep farming. I think there may be an old photo in one of the local history books, I'll check when I get home.

Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Wednesday, April 11, 2007 22:11
Hi Paul
Can you tell me if West Lane ran up parallel to the clough. I remember going up there was a farm belonging to the aunt of Joe Harry from the public house - Black horse was it? and a bit further up there was a Mr Lister, (both on the left) but cannot remember the names of either farm.
I am interested in the local history books you are talking about. I fear that Sutton has changed so much and grown so much larger. The areal photographs leave me hopelesly lost. I would be really grateful if you could let me know if they may shake up my grey cells
Is the 'haunted house' still along the lane leading to the Skipton/Keighley Road but not the one that joins it at Cross Roads. Best of memory was that no one would walk past it at night, but I had a stable opposite it. I used to take my black alsation with me, but once dark he would not move any nearer to it than about two hundred yards away from the place. He would just stay there and wait for me go go back. All very eerie.
I haveso many wonderful memories of Sutton and the people there were so friendly and by your letters you are still the same.
When I moved up there, I had been in the house no more than ten minutes when Olive Radcliffe and Muriel Brown were at the door to see if I would like to go with them to the dance that night in the village. I went and really enjoyed myself meeting the Bell family (Mary, William, ? and Mother Isabel) from from Holly Root Farm, Not sure about all the spelling. They found out about my arival Frank Ingram.
How lovely reminissing , sorry if boring you, but how I wish I knew what had happened to them all. I will keep on watching your letters, and maybe something more will come up that I recognise. Thanks Diana.
Wednesday, April 11, 2007 22:42
Thanks for the information, another picture would be fantastic, then I can pop along and get permission to take an up to date photograph for the lady in question........IF there is no objection.

Thanks for the speedy and helpful reply.

All other information very welcome.

Thursday, April 12, 2007 07:39
Hi Diana

The Clough rises up between the Ellers Road and West Lane. As you go up West Lane the Clough is on the left hand side. The pub you refer to is the Black Bull. Local historian Doris Riley has produced several books but the only one with copies still available is called 'A Home Spun Yarn' - there are details about it on a link on the home page of the site. Other books occasionally pop up on eBay.

I'm not sure about the 'haunted house' - was it on Sutton Lane, the road that leads down from where the cricket pitch is? Perhaps it will mean something to other readers, who will hopefully add their thoughts!

Thursday, April 12, 2007 07:49
Hi Jan

Looking at the photograph in the book I'm not sure it's the same building, unless it was extended at some point. The book says a barn adjacent to the farm building was used as a chapel. If it's where I think it is, I think it may have been demolished but the ruins are still visible. I'm not 100% sure about this, so if anybody has any more information about this please add a comment. I'll check further into it and let you know, but it might take a few days. From memory, it's along a track almost at the top of West Lane on the left hand side near an old bridge, almost opposite an old pump (in a field on the right hand side) that was used when water supplies ran low.

Jan Perkins
Thursday, April 12, 2007 17:00
Thanks so much Paul

What a shame if such a beautiful old building has been demolished.....especially now we like to see the history in such old buildings. I wait with baited breath for the response from your readers.

Thanks so much

Barbara Chapman
Saturday, April 28, 2007 16:16
Hello Diana, I live in Sutton and occasionally look on this site to see what's new. So I have just read your interest in the 'haunted house'. The house in question if you have not already found out was 'Springfield' the home of Matthew Bairstow the founder of the Big mill and his son James Bairstow lived there in 1881. (I have the census). When it was pulled down I cannot remember but I know my friends and I called it the haunted house and it was empty and derelict then. I would be about 10 or 12 years old when my friends and I one day plucked up courage to go into the grounds to have a look at the house. The grounds of course were overgrown with trees and shrubs. We went up and had a look through one of the windows and just as we did a black bird flew out, as you may imagine we shot out of there liked greased lightening.!! It was later demolished completely and there is now an Electric Sub-station in the grounds near the road. The Lodge to the house is still lived in.

Are you the same Diana who lived at the Ice Cream shop? If so I can remember buying the icecream and it was lovely. It was Henderson's shop when I knew it. I lived with my Grandparents in Mill Street during the war and my Mum worked in the mill. My home was really in Eastburn. I later worked at Hartley's mill for 18 years and married a Sutton lad who you may remember, Allen Chapman. We still live down North Street just around the corner from the Post Office. The house belonged to Allen's parents, so he has never lived anywhere else during 75 years. We both worked in the office of Hartley's mill along with Friend Ratcliffe, - Olive Ratcliffe's father.
Allen was friends with the Bell family at Hollin Root farm and used to help with haymaking. Robert Belll still lives in the village, Mary is at Barnoldswick.
The pub where Joe Harry lived was the Black Bull.
Dorothy Smith from the bread shop became Mrs. Hustwick and during the 70s, ran a Keep Fit class which I attended for several years. She died not long after retiring.
The Greengrocer further down the street was owned by Martin Parker and his wife. The butchers further down was run by Bill Sturdy.
I hope this revives some memories. Barbara.
Monday, April 30, 2007 13:35
Hi Barbara

Many thanks to you and Allen for providing the image of Springfield, the 'haunted house' - it's now available to view on the gallery page.

Denis Pickles
Monday, April 30, 2007 18:04
Most of the shops down Sutton have had a mention but what about Holmes' general store and 'selling out shop'? Brenda and Shirley Holmes were members of the Baptist Rec. Club.
And if Allen Chapman is still living down North Street is he able to enlighten me on the whereabouts of Margaret Riley who lived in the same street?

Barbara Chapman
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 11:44
Hello Denis. Holmes' general store and selling out shop is still here now run by Steve Place, one of our local councillors. Apart from the Post Office and the Chemist,it is the only remaining shop down the main street, below North Street.
There is a shop at the corner of Gordon Street, used to be run by Arthur Hardaker, now by a relation of the Palfreman's, making his own pies etc. Very good !!
With regard to Brenda and Shirley Holmes, I knew them both but they were a bit older than me. I don't know where Brenda went. Shirley married and lived in Eastburn for a good number of years until her husband died. Now she lives in Crosshills. Margaret Riley, Allen knew her but can't remember where she went. He says she lived down Gordon Street and worked at Hartley's mill in the office at one point. It must have been before I worked there because I can't recall her. I started work there in 1956.If we get chance to make enquiries we will fill you in.
Don't know if you remember by dad, Tom Mawson, another Sutton cobbler up Albert Street from 1947 until he finally closed his shop in 1980. Barbara.
diana Bedford) smith
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 12:20
Hello Barbara,
I just cannot tell you how you have brightnend my day - somone who remebers our ice cream, as I remember the fish and chip shop scones, I have never seen them down south.

First your email, and then the wonderful photograph of a place that I loved. I presume that people will go past there at night. now it has gone. It was eerie, but sitting on that seat was a wonderful place to think about thing and put the world to right. I have never seen a house that I loved more than that one it was very unique and I am sure must have had a well know builder. I was seventeen when I went to Sutton, so presume that I am at 76 quite a bit older than you.
I thought that the whole lot was derilict, and have no thoughts of thelodge. So no houses were built in the property?

I presume that Ernest and Mrs Waterhouse also lived in North Street. I had a feeling that Olive's father was called Friend and you have proved that right. Do you know what happened to Olive?

N o one seems to know or shop, is it still a shop?

I must have known Allen, for in the years I was in Sutton I always helped with the Hollin Root haymaking, also helped with the older couple who lived higher up the hill - I cannot think of their name, but their hay fields were so sloped that a load of their cuttintg was done by sythe.

I had heard that Mary Bell had gone to marry in Barnoldswick, but Ropbert was working on a farm nearer to Skipton. William was ten years older than me and Mary about three years older. Isabella was a gem and I tried to base some of my thoughts of life on herl she was a second mother to me

I cannot remember Bill Stirdy or a butcher's shop there, for I remember riding to Cross Hills for meat. Denis has brought in Holmes' general store into the conversation, where and when was that there? - thank you Denis.

I really feel as if part of me is in that wonderful village, shame it had to grow so vast, but it does not soundas if it has spoiled it too much.

If anyone meets any dodderers going along on a frame, please give them my love.
Yes Barbara you have stirred up loads of old memories for me and I cannot thank you enough - is there still a Saturday hop on each week, how I loved those dances. - I am away lots to do again more thanks. Diana.
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 12:33
Hi Diana - if you download the December 2004 Newsletter you'll find an article by Doris Riley about the dances at "Tommy Hall" which may stir a few more memories. Paul
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Wednesday, May 2, 2007 08:56
Many thanks Paul, you have also found another bit of the site I have not properly visited. Can you tell me how many books Doris Riley wrote and where I can get them. Also in the picture of the mill girls, have you any idea sho is sitting right on the left - an older person than the others. diana
Saturday, May 5, 2007 13:08
Hi Diana - I will check into the photo for you. Doris has writen three or four books, but there's only one currently available - "A Home Spun Yarn" - details are on the home page. Copies of other books occasionally pop up on ebay and there are reference copies in Cross Hills Library. Paul
Andrew Monkhouse
Saturday, May 5, 2007 19:20
Diana, another book by Doris Riley is 'OWD SETTINGS Sutton-in-Craven'. It is full of great photo's of Sutton and historical information. Living in Australia I managed to buy it on ebay. Coincidentally, it is also personally signed and dated by Doris Riley - 29th Dec 1991.

I also like the other book Paul refers to 'A Home Spun Yarn', cos it's got a picture of me on page 76 !
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 09:45
Thank you very much paul and Andrew, I will try my luck on ebay
Godolphin Cross, Cornwall
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 09:54
Have you sorted Clough Head farm as yet. I had a sudden thought and that was when I had my mare in Jo Harry's aunts farm, I always used to walk up through the clough to get there as I hated going along roads. There was a door more than a gate (I belive) to get into the yard where the stables and cottage were. Apart from my stable the other used to contain pigs. Opposite the stables was a cow shed used as a hay and straw store. Up over this, chicken were kept, and these drew in rats! They were so well fed that they were more like pet ones.
I had a good walk up the clough to get there, so I fancy it was near the top.
janet meddings (nee hargreaves)
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 11:11
I used to live at Wood Top Farm which is down the lane from Clough Head Farm and yes it still exists and is a working farm. My mum was Freda Hargreaves & my grandad was Fred Hargreaves, if anyone has photos of them or Wood Top I'd be interested in seeing them. I looked at the photos of the CP school and note I am on some of them!
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 12:57
Hi Janet. I've checked through the gallery pages and can only find your name against the very old Sunday School photo that you kindly provided. If you are un-named on any CP school photos and would like your name adding to the caption(s) please let me know which photos and whereabouts you are. Paul
Janet Meddings (Hargreaves)
Friday, June 8, 2007 11:01
I'm on Dr John photos
1954 Front 3rd from r
56 Mid 3rd from l
57 Mid 4th from r (excl 2 boys in front of Sydney - I'm not sure where they would be counted)
59 Mid 5th from l
Monday, June 11, 2007 07:56
Hi Janet. I've added your name to the photo captions. Paul

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