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Peter Hardy
Lower Pilsley
Monday, March 1, 2021 16:29
Keighley Association Charity Cup dated 1930
My mother Jean Hardy (nee Hiscoe) was born in Albert Street. Her father Arthur Hiscoe was a very good athlete in the 1920's-1930 period running for Airedale Harriers. He also played football and in my late mothers collection she has a trophy engraved with the following


I have a cutting where it says he played football for the Parkwood Club and later served as a referee.

I would be pleased to have any information about this cup.

Peter Hardy
David Town
Monday, April 12, 2021 18:52
I have consulted Rob Grillo's excellent book, Keighley's Soccer History, Parkwood FC was a force in the 1920's in the Keighley area. At the time they won the Keighley Charity Cup in 1930 they had enjoyed success in the West Riding Senior League and later in the County FA League but had struggled results wise in this League.
In the 1930 Charity Cup they defeated South Craven League Champions Colne Town 5-3 after a replay following a 5-5 draw.
Incidentally Parkwood also Sutton United 6-1 in the District Cup in the same season, thus gaining revenge for a defeat in the previous years final.. Parkwood in the following season to Keighley Town United before eventually being known as Keighley Town.
I have looked for any record of Arthur Hiscoe as a Referee, but can only find reference as him being listed in a book called 75 years of Keighley Referees but it does not give any details of his Refereeing career.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any records appertaining to Airedale Harriers.
Peter Hardy
Lower Pilsley
Thursday, April 22, 2021 11:38

Thank you for your response. I am waiting for the book you mention to arrive.

I hope one day to 'gift' this cup back to the area association who maybe able to set up a competition to win it. With 2030 not too distant a 100 year old cup maybe worth playing for?

With reference to Airedale Harriers I was once a schoolboy member and the then club President Mr Whittaker knew him and said he was an extremely good runner. The family have many of his prizes which in those days were mainly silverware.

Peter Hardy

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