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craig upton
crosshills/yorkshire veterans coin searchers
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 10:49
land to detect on for ex veterans
Hi there i am currently after some land to detect on in the local area.I am local myself and have lived around here all my life.The group Yorkshire veterans coin searchers was formed by a friend of mine who i served in the Army with.It was set up to help veterans who are suffering with ptsd who we take out detecting for the day.We are a very small group of which i have just become a member hence this post.I have some leaflets with our details i can pass on to anyone and im more than happy to answer any questions.We also can offer our help in trying to find something you or your family may of lost in the past.So if anyone has some land we could possibly use or any questions about us please get in touch on here so i can arrange something many thanks.

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