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Steven Brown
Tuesday, February 9, 2021 18:37
Three questions
I’m probably pushing my luck here but I have three questions, two of which are very esoteric.
Has anyone any idea what year approximately that Airedale Foods (on Aire Street near Junction) closed/moved or whatever?
On a similar theme, has anyone any idea when the footbridge from Sutton County junior school to Holme Lane opposite the Baptist Chapel was taken down (vandalised). I assume it was 'elf n safety'?
And lastly, the parish church in Sutton is Victorian, did it replace an earlier church on the same site or replace a church in a different part of the village, or was there no church in Sutton prior because the inhabitants were pagans?

While I’m in reminiscing mode, why don’t people whistle any more, walk round with their hands in their pockets and what happened to white dog poo?

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