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Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, August 25, 2020 16:53
Fred and Maggie Wilson (nee Clough) relatives sought
From Mike Towers

Maggie Clough (1894 - 1985 – born Sutton)
Fred Wilson (1877 - 1954 – born Kildwick)

I am looking to trace living descendants of Maggie Clough and Fred Wilson who lived at 9 King Edward Street, the Clough family home from approx. 1934. They married on 12 November 1946 at the Baptist Chapel where both were staunch supporters.

My parents and I were neighbours living next door at no 7, and in Maggie's later years both my parents acted as her Attorneys when she moved into Royd Hill Residential Home. Subsequently, at her death, my father, along with William Lowe (aka Willie) of Boundary Avenue, acted as her Executors. Willie was the son of Fred's sister Clara and married Charlotte Roberts.

Following the death of my parents I acquired various personal papers and photograph albums that mostly relate to Maggie and I would now like to return these to the family. As I have no knowledge of any direct descendant to contact, I hope by publishing this notice I will be able to achieve my aim.

Fred and Maggie did not have children and as best as I can establish Fred was also childless with his first wife, Lizzie Ackroyd, who died in 1946.

In trying to find a descendant I have created a family tree on Ancestry called the "Clough Family Tree" which can be accessed via this link (Ancestry login required).

In no way is this tree comprehensive despite reaching the 1760s, as I've tried to limit entries to direct blood lines rather than into the many branches of distant cousins that may have clouded my research.

That said, the tree contains many well-established Sutton families such as Barrett, Dickenson, Laycock, Lowe, Overend, Smith and Thornton to name a few. If you do not have access to Ancestry, a full list of the 178 names on the tree can be viewed here.

Most of the documents I have are recorded against the individuals on the Ancestry Tree but the photograph albums are not. The main one is a beautiful black embossed leather tome with many original family photographs of the type taken in the early 1900s of men and women resplendent in their "Sunday Best" but sadly, not one is named.

For the gallery I'm submitting a picture of Maggie and Fred probably taken in the late 1940s and, also in the Gallery for the 1950s under Maggie and Jessie Whitaker, you can see other pictures of Maggie. I'm also submitting a Sutton Baptist Chapel Certificate of Right of Burial dated 1899 for Maggie's father Albert Clough who died in the Jan-Mar quarter of 1941. For the cost of 15 shillings the Certificate covers grave 86 in Section C – I'm not sure whether this is still identifiable.

If anyone has any information that may help me return these items to a living relative please email on:

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