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Robin Longbottom
Friday, August 14, 2020 08:07
Footpath from Strikes Lane to Ravenstones
For those wishing to see a copy of the Order confirming the footpath it is available online at:-

I was turned back recently at the end of Strikes Lane by the owner at Strikes, who was very pleasant and amenable but quite adamant that there was no footpath through Strikes Quarry to Ravenstones. He said it had been refused some years back!

As a Sutton lad, I later made my way into the wood along the 'way and means route' and discovered it very much returned to nature. The Big Rock was very overgrown, covered in moss and the one time view now obscured by tree growth.

If the footpath does materialise a stile in the 'southern' wall of the wood, by the radio mast would link to the path from Ellers Road through Valley to Eastburn/Steeton. This would, however, mean creating a relatively short length of new footpath from the Big Rock to the wall and the wall to the existing footpath. It is only a few yards from the wall to the existing footpath. Just a thought.
Alan Smith
Sunday, August 16, 2020 19:50
Custom and practice would mean that the way into the Ravenstones should be by the route via Strikes road through the old quarry and end at the big rock, the trees would need reducing in height to have the magnificent view that was the big attraction of the walk.DONT LET THE ROUTE BE ALTERED TO SATISFY THOSE WHO DONT WISH TO LET THE PLEBS IN THE VILLAGE SHARE THIS ATTACTION,WHICH THOSE OF US REMEMBER WAS AVAILABLE TO US ALL.

Dave Hardman
Saturday, August 29, 2020 09:01
I too have tried to find the path but was politely but insistently told no, and that it was private.
Isn't Strikes Lane a public road anyway? Or is it (as seems to be inferred by the residents) a private road? I got some very strange looks just for walking along to the end..

It is important that we get some physical markers of the right of way and begin to use the path. Does anyone know who would do that?
Robin Longbottom
Sunday, August 30, 2020 20:55
I understand that Footpaths North Yorkshire have the matter in hand and that they will be introducing stiles and signs to the Ravenstones from the end of Strikes Lane.

They have been busy locally over the past few weeks erecting new finger posts around the district. Each new one has a notice advising that it is a criminal offence to damage or remove them.
Dave Hardman
Monday, August 31, 2020 09:28
Thank you Robin.
It is noticeable that the footpath does not appear on the Crown Ordnance Survey Maps (2020) yet, I wonder how long they take to update them.
Janet Hargreaves
Monday, August 31, 2020 13:34
I'm confused? When I lived on Sutton Tops, Strikes Lane was a public road dating as far back as I remember i.e. into the 1950s. Historically the stone was 'lead' from the Quarry for building locally using horse and cart along that route. There was a footpath through in those days? As a route that has regularly been used for at least 10yrs (I'm not sure of the exact number of years), which it was, my understanding is that it becomes an established public right of way? When did the person denying right of way take ownership of the Lane and the as for the path my understanding is they would need to apply for and put in a diversion to me made?
Dave Hardman
Monday, August 31, 2020 22:51

I went up again this morning, there is now a paper notice stapled to the road sign with details of the right of way. So I walked to the end, but there is still a large gate across the route, padlocked, and a sign saying Private, no entry.

The notice incidentally does say anyone aggrieved at the right of way being granted has until October to raise a complaint. Maybe those who wish to use it should write in support too, to show there is a need?

I continued up to the top of the Ellers and on the way down stopped to chat to a very nice couple, the gent said he remembered the footpath from his childhood but as he had only really started walks again since covid he had not tried it yet.

Oh, and yes, Strikes lane is a public highway, the notice confirms it.
Terry Longbottom
Wednesday, September 2, 2020 10:33

The footpath paperwork that was afixed firmly to the Strikes Lane sign has gone,
We may yet have to revert to the old name, Ravenstones Road.

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