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Alan Smith
Wednesday, March 11, 2020 19:23
The number of trees planted to reduce local flooding.
As a member of the men’s forum walking group today for our weekly walk it was decided to have a local walk,starting up Sutton Clough for a change we proceeded up the right fork of the Y shaped clough.
With the heavy rainfall of late the waterfalls were spectacular but what surprise I had on nearing the top and having climbed up towards the wall over which were fields, these fields had been planted with what looked like hundreds of trees which I would think had the purpose of reducing the rain run off to reduce the flood risk in the valley below.
I had no idea this had been done but with the amount of the recent heavy rainfalls we now are having, this must long term be of some benefit to those living in the flood planes.
No doubt at eighty years young I will not see the full term benefit but someone must be thanked for looking to the future.
By the way what a superb area we have on our doorstep with Sutton Clough which I think gives the Bolton Abbey woods a run for its money.
Dave Hardman
Thursday, July 9, 2020 06:48
I had an interesting conversation with a chap a few months ago while I was walking down West Lane. He was in the top field of newly planted trees, I thought he was from the environment agency at first and stopped to ask what was afoot.
He explained that actually he was responsible for planting the trees and that it was in memorial for his late wife! I was a little taken aback when I considered the scale of the undertaking and I only managed to say how wonderful a gesture to his wife it was and wished him well. Thinking now, I don't know if he was responsible for planting the whole wood or had just taken the opportunity to plant a tree or two. I didn't ask his name or hers, but maybe it will be named after her. Perhaps someone on here knows the full story.

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