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Denis Marshall Pickles
Thursday, July 11, 2019 06:41
The old village was built of stone. The mills were built of stone and there were working quarries within the village which supplied the raw material for these building projects - one at the Pinnacle and another at Ravenstones. The only local quarry I can remember being operational was that at Eastburn. The occupation of stonemason was common until relatively recently. My dad was a stonemason, his father before him as was my great grandfather, Heaton Pickles who was one of the men who worked on the construction of the Pinnacle. Back in the early 19th cent. another ancestor who lived at the Brush is listed as being a quarryman.
Obviously millstone grit played a big part in village life but I am seriously lacking any knowledge about the quarries. Who owned them, when did they operate, when did they close down? etc.. Were they commercial businesses or did anyone who wanted a bit of stone to build a barn just nip up to the Pinnacle with a stick of dynamite, a pick and shovel and a hoss and cart, get what they wanted and set about building?
Terry Longbottom
Friday, July 12, 2019 06:29
When the first structures in sutton were built Some of the farms had quarries or areas that they delved into on their land, but most of the land was common land, land owned by the lord of the manor. Delf house was built in one of the quarries. the road to valley farm circumvents another one. Brig gate farm has one. crag nook delf another one. Another one at the base of Cate Moss opposite America lane. The house now called strikes was once named Slaters Hall. Now we know how strikes lane got its name, with the noise of all the hammers and picks.

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