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David A Smith
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 10:26
Planning Application – Dolly Tub Launderette, 39 Gordon Street
A Planning Application has been submitted for the launderette on Gordon Street to create a two-bedroom flat above the current business, extending upwards to create an additional floor.

The planning department has publicised the plans through a minimal neighbour notification letter, reaching six properties (one address on the circulation list is duplicated). I requested that they placed a site notice, which would have considerably increased the reach of their publicity for minimal effort. They declined, suggesting that if I felt other people ought to know about this, I could share the information I have received.

So that's what I'm doing – if you're not interested, feel free to skip this post.

The plans are available to view online. Go to: and enter for reference number 2019/20065/FUL in the search box on that page.

Please note that the end of the consultation period is very close - this Friday, 1st February 2019 and your comments should be submitted by then to guarantee that they will be considered.

Key issues:

Parking: Parking difficulty on Gordon Street is an ongoing issue. Although it would be appropriate to provide parking for two vehicles within a plan for a new two-bedroom dwelling, no additional parking is provided within the plans. The single parking space allocated in the plans already exists and is currently occupied for the majority of the time by the building's owner.

Aspect: The lower roofline of the existing building is currently in line with the buildings extending eastwards behind it and offers a light-break to the upper end of the Gordon Street. This benefit would be removed by the proposed plan.

Light & Amenity: The site plan is misleading – not clearly marking the site boundary with a red line. The garage and gardens adjacent to the laundrette do not belong to development site, but to 1, Sunnyside Villas – and the area marked "YARDS/GARDENS" is in fact a single private garden belonging to 1, Sunnyside Villas. Clearly, the development would have significant impact upon 1, Sunnyside Villas – the vertical extension would be overbearing on the property's windows and garden, decreasing available light.

Overlooking: The dormer windows on the Gordon Street side of the building will overlook both the vicarage and 46, Gordon Street.

The outcome of this application is almost certain to be delegated to a planning official, unless the committee is persuaded otherwise. I have written to our two Ward Councillors, Mr Place and Mr Morrell (who both sit on the planning committee) to ask that they make a request for the application to be decided by the full committee.

They are more likely to respond if a number of people make similar requests. You can find their contact details on the following page:

(scroll down to "Ward Councillors" for their contact details)

As you'll have gathered, I'm against the proposal and hope you share this position. If you disagree with me, I hope you welcome the sharing of information so you can be involved in the consultation if you wish to.

Thanks for reading!

David Smith
Terry Longbottom
Friday, February 1, 2019 10:51
Is it allowable to designate a public footpath as off street parking,.is this acceptable to the planning department at Craven Council.
David A Smith
Sunday, February 3, 2019 00:06
It's contentious. The road is unadopted, but historically had a footpath. The land designated for parking (and already used as such) is part of that historical footpath.
The garage next to the launderette is set back due to a condition from the planning department in order to preserve the historical footpath in case the road were ever adopted - in which case the space in question would cease to be a parking space.
So: zero net increase in parking, despite creating increased demand - with the potential of losing existing parking.
David A Smith
Sunday, February 3, 2019 00:13
You can object to the proposal using this short link:

They've left it open for comments over the weekend, so there's still time if you're quick. :)
Terry Longbottom
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 10:29
when the laundrette was built it was positioned to avoid intrusion on the footpath no inclusion for parking was ever envisaged or expected in the project.
David A Smith
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 14:08
Update 5/2/2019:

Planning officers are now gathering evidence, making site visits and preparing their ruling.

Although the consultation was scheduled to end on Friday 1st, the comments section has been left open - so if you haven't been able to add your voice before now, you still can.

Every comment helps, so please take 5 minutes to contribute:


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