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Denis Marshall Pickles
Monday, July 16, 2018 10:23
The Stocks
As a youngster, I and my friends would play on the stocks which were then situated in the park close to the shed where the bowls were kept. I suppose they are still there. Can anyone tell me where they were sited in the village prior to them being set up in the park? And who would have had the authority to impose such punishment. They would have been in use long before the days of PC Bell and PC Myers!
Robin Longbottom
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 06:26
Hi Denis. There is no record as to where the stocks were originally sited in the village. However, they would have been located in a prominent place, most probably at the top of the High Street (where the Fountain used to be). I understand that when they were removed they were used as gate stoops before being restored and placed in the Park.

The village Constable was the person responsible for law and order in the village from late Medieval times until into the 19th century. He was 'elected' annually and sworn in at the Quarter Sessions which met in Skipton. The post was unpaid, but he was allowed to claim expenses.

There are records for the stocks being repaired during the 18th and 19th century :- 29 May 1741 - mending stocks and spent - 2 shillings.

The only recorded incident involving the stocks dates back to the early 1540's when Hugh Blakey and his 'gang' broke them up during a period of unrest at the time of the first enclosures.

The use of stocks for punishment gradually fell out of use after the County and Borough Police Act 1856 heralded the establishment of a police force to control law and order.

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