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Alan Smith
Friday, June 22, 2018 17:48
Development in field near the Ravenstones.
Looking out of my window l notice that in a field north east of the Strikes some earth movement is taking place and
a caravan has appeared next to the said work,all I ask,is this some development that I myself am not aware of but has gone through the planning process?
How I miss my walks through the Ravenstones passed the quarry where the stones for the mill were from,,through the wood to the big rock from where the traffic passing Lunds foundry looked the size of my Dinkey toys,This walk was so popular that the Strikes made quite a bit of income from their teas which were wellcome by the many people who had walked up the Ellers then sat on the seat at the end of Strikes road before they continuing up to the Ravenstones.Happy days.By the way my dad always passing the quarry pointed out the names carved in the face of the quarry Card,Spin &Lev,the last name being my cousin Bryan Gill,Spin i think was spin Barret no doubt a cricket player,who Card was I never discovered Nick names the three.
Alan Smith
Monday, September 3, 2018 19:27
The large building is now with roof for what is its purpose I know not.
Is there no one left in the village who experienced the delights of a walk to the Ravenstones?last time I went the path was all fenced off,it would appear that there are less places where the public have access than when Bairstows owned most of the land.
Isobel Stirk
Tuesday, September 4, 2018 10:09
Mr Smith- I too remember enjoying walks, with my father and dogs, up to Ravenstones. Seeing the village stretched out below was like putting pieces to a jigsaw. It was a game to see where we and friends lived from above.
On one or two occasions we used to walk through the wood and go over the wall at the far end and then walk down into Eastburn. Not sure if that was an official way or we may have been trespassing at that point! We usually walked up Ellers but I seem to remember there was a footpath which led from the bottom of Main Street- near the well-and it was paved for a little way. All a long time ago so my memory may be playing tricks.
Alan Smith
Tuesday, September 4, 2018 20:31
Isobel,regarding the path you describe starting by the well,as far as I am aware there are no rights of way up from Sutton Mill the flagged part you remember was part of the route that the horse drawn wagons took bringing stone from the quarry to build the mill.
Terry Longbottom
Wednesday, September 5, 2018 13:20
land that contained strikes quarry was part of the Common Lands of sutton. in the 1815 enclosure awards, the eastern section A. now owned by the Ingham family part of New lathe Farm. was awarded to brothers Robert & Joshua Clough the owners of Valley Farm. Section B &C awarded to Robert Shackleton. section C the western part now belonging to the owners of Ravenstones Bungalow.
in 1983 NYCC. Sold part of section B, of Strikes Quarry approximately 1 acre to the new owners of Ravenstones Bungalow. contained in the conveyance is THE FIRST SCHEDULE. All that piece or parcel of freehold land subject nevertheless to any right of way which may exist for the adjoining owners and occupiers over the track shown by a red line on the plan annexed hereto and to all easements or rights of way which may exist over or affect the same.

But if one were to stand on the big rock the view is not the same as the one that you remember, the trees have grown.
Terry Longbottom
Friday, September 7, 2018 08:51
Hi Alan could the name CARD belong to Mr C Cadwallader also a cricketer
Isobel Stirk
Saturday, September 8, 2018 15:13
Thank you Mr Smith for the information regarding the flagged path. I think we only walked up there once! Our route sometimes took us through The Clough and then we turned left at the top and up the track to Ellers- coming out near Delph House which was a little derelict then.
They were happy days.

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