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Denis Marshall Pickles
Friday, March 23, 2018 16:11
Hidden Treasure
So far, March has been a quiet month in Sutton. David Brook lost a cat but found it shortly after it went missing and Denise White lost a telephone. Hope she found it! But this afternoon I have stumbled on a veritable treasure chest. I decided to try and reduce some of the clutter which I have been storing in a spare bedroom when I came across an old chocolate box stuffed with old photos and letters which had belonged to my mother. She brought it with her when she became too frail to look after herself in Sutton and came to live with me some thirty five years ago. I must have given the contents a cursory glance before I put it away, but I have been amazed at what the box contained. Nothing valuable, but plenty of interest - we?ll, to me it is!
There are several old photographs which I might post later. Howevever it was a hand written document being the details of a farm sale conducted on 16th October 1920which has caught my eye. My grandfather had farmed Wood Vale Farm for upwards of 20 years (my father Charlie and my Uncle Walter were born there) and he was selling up to move into a bungalow in Bent Lane. The Auctioners sold everything! The first item is a milking stool bought by a Mr Clough for 1/6d. A Bay Gelding rising 4 years went to Laycock for ?54, a black polled Heifer to A Snowdon for ?26/10/0, Brass Stair Rods to Naylor for 5/0d and so on. The whole sale made ?689/16/6d. Judging by the names of the purchasers, the entire farming community from the village and further afield were there. Stirk, Pickles, Sayer, Cooper, Whitehead, Bannister, Laycock Bracewell, Binns to name but a few.
This is a piece of Social history which doesn?t deserve to be dumped. Does anybody have any ideas as to where I could consign it?
David Laycock
Melbourne Australia
Monday, March 26, 2018 06:49
Can't wait Dennis
Denise White
Monday, March 26, 2018 13:09
Hi Denis, Yes the phone was found by the Park Keeper

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