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Lynda Blundell nee Phillips
Vancouver, Canada
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 21:44
Painting by S. Hargreaves
I inherited a still life painting by S. Hargreaves, dated 1927, from the Healey/Lund family in Sutton. Could anyone provide me with any background on the artist?
Josie Walsh
Monday, September 4, 2017 15:41
Hi Lynda
Think I might have found your S Hargreaves.
Spencer Hargreaves son of Tempest Hargreaves & Jane Spencer, he was born 1875 at Sutton.
He died 3rd July 1927 at Sutton aged 52yrs and he buried in Sutton Baptist Chapel Yard in grave F26 with his Father James, Mother Jane, brother Walter H, & James Hargeaves.
On the 1926 Electoral register he his residing at 1 North Place, Sutton with mother Jane and brother James.
Hope this helps
Patrick Hargreaves
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 09:30
Hello Lynda,
Spencer Hargreaves was my great uncle. His father Tempest was a silk warp dresser who with his wife Jane Spencer brought up a large family in No1 North Place a small back-to-back. I know nothing about whether Spencer was a prolific painter, but his nephew Harry Hargreaves was a gifted artist and painted a number of pictures in and around Sutton-in-Craven. I should like to know more about the painting. Thanks and thanks to Josie.
Patrick Hargreaves, Glusburn.

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